A couple of faiytales from the Olympics.

  stolensilver 14:38 19 Aug 2008

There are two great stories at the Olympics. The double gold medal winner in the most dangerous sport in the world, the eventing, is a true amateur. He funds his hobby by being a dentist and wins gold medals in his spare time. LOL!

And a small white stallion who is currently lying second in the Olympic dressage started his career in the circus. Then he became a police horse. He was spotted in a parade by a dressage rider when he was 11 and is now taking part in his second Olympics.

Sometimes it isn't all about having loads of money. :-)

  Grey Goo 14:52 19 Aug 2008

The horse obviously likes dressing up in uniform.

  dagbladet 15:00 19 Aug 2008


I really think that when it comes to the equestrian events at the Olympics it rather IS about having loads of money.

  stolensilver 15:28 19 Aug 2008

dagbladet I disagree. If a dentist can get double gold and an ex police horse can get into the top 10 then it isn't all about money is it? Hard work, talent and a large dollop of luck are involved too.

Equestrian sports are a labour of love. Even the best in the world struggle to fund what they do. Their is almost no sponsorship, certainly nobody making millions from it. The team GB team member who did have an awesome horse bought for her blew up in both her tests and came nowhere.

I like it when the little person does well.

  Clapton is God 15:42 19 Aug 2008

Have I missed something here?

Seems to me that the horse does all the hard work dashing around risking injury to himself by bashing his legs on the fence poles or tripping over them.

The rider simply sits atop the horse (whilst wearing a hard hat to protect himself) and wiggles the reins around.

So I assume the "double Gold medal winner" is the horse?

  tullie 16:37 19 Aug 2008

Whats eventing?And why is it the most dangerous in the world?

  DieSse 18:01 19 Aug 2008

"Have I missed something here?"

Clearly you have.

I suppose you think Lewis Hamilton only has to sit there and wiggle the steering wheel a bit??

  thms 18:07 19 Aug 2008

If he's a dentist then he has plenty of money to fund his hobby.

  stolensilver 22:56 19 Aug 2008

Clapton is God I know you're joking. If you need proof of how skilled it is to ride a horse round an Olympic course (Showjumping, eventing or dressage) I'll lend you my horse. She's not quite Olympic but she'll take you over 5 foot or do Advanced dressage. If you know how to ask right. ;-) Kind of interesting is that the rider does more aerobic exercise with a higher heart rate and breathing than the horse in a round of showjumping.

Tullie eventing is also called 3 day eventing. It is far and away the most dangerous sport in the world. In the past 12 months worldwide 35 people have died doing it. Since the Olympics have been on there have been 2 event riders killed in the UK. A 23 year old girl in England and a 43 yo man in Northern Ireland. Piloting a half ton animal at 30 miles an hour over 4 foot fences that do not fall down if you hit them is not easy and is not forgiving if you make a mistake. :-(

  wiz-king 05:00 20 Aug 2008

I think the 3 day eventing was spoilt when they took out the roads and tracks.
I used to enjoy that as a warm-up both for me and my horse, we have both retired from eventing now so it's just roads and tracks for us most weekends.

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