County Council Saves Lives

  bremner 21:36 24 May 2012

The foresight and dedication to public safety of Somerset County Council saves the lives of thousands from deadly bunting. Lethal bunting.

Are they saviours or otherwise?

  ams4127 22:18 24 May 2012

Sounds like some jobsworth has got ideas above his station in life.

  wiz-king 06:04 25 May 2012

Some one at the CC only reads headlines.

There was a case this week where a lamppost fell over and killed a baby but that was very unusual in that a worker had cut through a supporting bracket at the base of a post. It would not affect a normally inserted post.

However any lamppost would have a side loading limit and this would vary with the material it is made of and its age. An old Victorian cast iron one could probably take a heavier wind loading that a '50 concrete one that has been exposed to the sea air all its life. If you ave ever tried to put up even a small tent in a howling gale on an exposed camp-site you will know the power of the wind on a light piece of cloth. Permission would depend of a 'elf and safety assessment by the CC engineering dept.

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:48 25 May 2012

Since the Tories gained control, from the Lib-Dems, Somerset county council has been a joke. This is just the latest of many stupid decisions.

  morddwyd 08:01 25 May 2012

"A spokesman from the Health and Safety Executive said it was "...............

"This is a classic case of health and safety being used totally inappropriately as an excuse for excessively risk averse behaviour," he said. "

The new HSE mythbusters panel is up and running then. Good

  Quickbeam 08:01 25 May 2012

Maybe they're just rebellious republicans that just don't dare to come out for fear of being accused of treason...?

  Aitchbee 08:38 25 May 2012

Somebody (it's a certainty) will get their eye poked out by one of those little Union Jack hand, the wearing of eye-shields by everyone in the vicinities of Jubilee-celebratory-flag-waving-crowds might be a sensible precautionary measure.

  morddwyd 11:18 25 May 2012


Are you sure you don't work for a Local Authority?

Your inability to carry out a reasonable risk assessment would certainly fit in well!

  Aitchbee 11:33 25 May 2012

......if they gave me a job, I would question the council's sanity...

  lotvic 13:22 25 May 2012

AitchBEE, you said in a previous thread you used to be a BT engineer mending underground cables......

  Woolwell 14:40 25 May 2012

lotvic - "used to be"!

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