Countess Bathory awarded a posthumous Nobel Prize for Medicine

  wee eddie 05:07 05 May 2014

American Scientists, who have lately been experimenting on mice, have just confirmed that the 16 Century 'Countess Bathory' was correct all along and that, although she did not have access to the latest medical techniques, bathing in Virgin's blood would have almost certainly rejuvenated her.

  wee eddie 12:15 05 May 2014

If it works on humans, I can see nothing to stop a rich person employing a young person to supply them with a supply of fresh 'young' blood.

a SciFi Nightmare takes reality

  lotvic 14:41 05 May 2014

This is very exciting news. A positive outcome of a bloodbath.

Also good news that fm will be contributing Nothing more.

lotvic aka Anne Rice

  bumpkin 14:51 05 May 2014

I sense a hint of sarcasm.

  lotvic 15:29 05 May 2014

Nah, more likely it's humour :)

  Aitchbee 15:41 05 May 2014

" Mind you there are side effects, a pathological hatred of cats, gnawing everything, questionable toilet habits and scampering along skirting boards. "

That's funny, I 'fit-the-bill' on 3 out 4 of those descriptors.

  lotvic 15:59 05 May 2014

Is there a prize for guessing the 1 out of 4 that doesn't fit-the-bill?

  bumpkin 16:05 05 May 2014

HB, stay out of the bloody bath then.

  bumpkin 17:02 05 May 2014

Aitchbee, stay out of the bloody bath then.

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