Counter Terrorism Bill

  Main Access 23:27 22 Jul 2008

Of course the Police will not abuse their powers under this act to incarcerate law abiding citizens.

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  Forum Editor 23:50 22 Jul 2008

This was an isolated incident, the result of an appalling lack of judgment and sensitivity on the part of one officer, and has produced an unreserved and sincere apology from the Police, plus the payment of a substantial cash sum to the boy's school fund. What more do you want?

If you think that you can effectively protect the people of this country from terrorist activities without an occasional mistake being made you're living in cloud-cuckoo land. Spend a few moments thinking about what it must be like to be an officer in the Channel tunnel policing unit, or at an airport, or at any point of entry into the country. You would be acutely aware of the need for constant vigilance, and of the fact that, were you to make a mistake in another direction, and allow people in who subsequently committed an atrocity of some kind there would be no shortage of people - perhaps like you - who were only too eager to come down on you like a ton of bricks.

It's so often the case nowadays that the police are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. This error was made disgraceful by the way that the police handled it, not because they stopped a suspect. It's their job to stop people they suspect, and of course they'll get it wrong sometimes. So would I, and so would you.

  Blackhat 00:25 23 Jul 2008

Nobody was incarcerated; they were detained for a while.

How would you compare this incident to a male terrorist suspect leaving the country under the disguise of a Muslim female? Do you think that people are immune to investigation because of political correctness?

An error of judgment was made on this occasion, so with this sort of headline wheelchair bound children are a soft target for a while and can be exploited by anybody wishing to import contraband!

  Main Access 00:41 23 Jul 2008

Please don’t put words in my mouth.

I accept that the price this country has to pay for been a relatively free society is the probable chance of a terrorist atrocity it is a risk I am prepared to take for my freedom which is slowly been chipped away by the establishment.

Let’s look at it the situation the other way, the officer stopped the mother for “Child trafficking”. When the mother asked the officer a perfectly reasonable question she was arrested under the terrorism act. Whilst she was being arrested there at least 10 police officers surrounded them. Not one of them used any common sense and questioned the original officer why she was arresting the suspect on terrorism charges.

Whilst I agree we need to stop terrorists, however if this is done by arresting people who back chat police officers under the anti terrorism laws then who has won? Us or the terrorist?

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