Countdown to Easter

  realist 15:07 02 Jan 2007

Easter Eggs on sale from today at Tesco....

  Al94 15:24 02 Jan 2007

and bunnies!

  Kate B 15:25 02 Jan 2007

I saw someone carrying a giant chocolate bunny on the Tube the week before Christmas.

  The Brigadier 15:50 02 Jan 2007

So it's still fresh in peoples mind's about Christmas & now the shops gear up for Easter, whats next after that for them?

  lisa02 16:18 02 Jan 2007

We got a delivery of Valentine's and Easter stuff on 27th December.

  lisa02 16:30 02 Jan 2007

The Brigadier:

Valentine's Day.
Mother's Day
Father's Day.
Summer Sales
Back to School
5th Nov (English)

and just about any other reason to have a sale or promotion.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:22 02 Jan 2007

Mr Mistoffeless Day, 12th July :-)

  lisa02 17:44 02 Jan 2007

That's the peak of the marching season in Northern Ireland. Choose again.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:15 02 Jan 2007

As well as being Orange Day and the birthday of Julius Ceasar, it is also my birthday :-)

  lisa02 18:19 02 Jan 2007

OK well you can have it then. I don't think the Orange folk will mind.

  Bingalau 18:25 02 Jan 2007

That reminds me I had better start making my list out for my birthday pressies .. I wonder if my grand children will fall for that. One of them brought out a list last year, so maybe I can get my own back on her this year, just for a laugh. ..Bingalau..

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