Councillor attacks woman trying to film him parking

  Strawballs 14:03 03 May 2013

I bet he is an embarassment to his party

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  Strawballs 21:56 08 May 2013

If I started the tread to have a pop at the Tories and start a fight I suggest you take a look at the title and wording of the thread and see where it mentions Tories, it was about someone who introduced parking restrictions then decided he did not have to abide by his own rules. I really don't call filming someone breaking the law as provocation.

  spuds 11:18 09 May 2013

I wonder how many times I have heard "significant contributions to society", yet at the same time these very same people seem to be a power unto themselves?.

  Strawballs 22:39 09 May 2013

fourm member

Exactly I could have made it a Tory bashing thread but I did not saying I bet he is an embarassment to his party is just stating facts.

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