Councillor attacks woman trying to film him parking

  Strawballs 14:03 03 May 2013

I bet he is an embarassment to his party

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  Al94 14:22 03 May 2013

Stupid man - well done that woman!

  Strawballs 14:32 03 May 2013

He was the one that helped bring in the parking changes that were unpopular with local residents and traders, then got upset when she filmed him parking which is now illegally due tom the changes he made!!

  Strawballs 21:01 03 May 2013

What not more people condemning this man on here, oh of course not he's a Tory!!

  Strawballs 22:58 03 May 2013

Alan 14 not had all the usual's putting a post down because the evidence is right there.

  carver 08:58 04 May 2013

"As I said, he's a foolish man who lost his temper under what seems to have been a good deal of provocation."

Sorry f.m but can you sort this out for me because I may have misunderstood, he helped to bring in parking laws that hindered or upset traders.

He decided that to block a loading bay at some ones premises was his right to do so and the parking regulations he helped to bring in did not apply in his case as he is above the law.

Then when this lone woman decided to film him breaking the law he decided to assault this woman.

  Nontek 10:10 04 May 2013

Does not matter what he is Tory/Lab/Raving Loony or anything else, here is a case of a man physically hitting, assaulting a woman! In my books any man who strikes a woman should be severely punished.

  Nontek 11:56 04 May 2013

forum member

As I said, does not matter who or what the person is, or does - a man does not hit a woman, full stop! If he does, then he deserves punishment.

  carver 12:01 04 May 2013

fourm member I never even mentioned anything about his political allegiance, I couldn't give a monkeys uncle about that but you seem to be bothered about it.

What I am concerned about is some one assaulting a woman because the first person can not obey a parking restriction he helped to bring into law.

  carver 12:06 04 May 2013

"Strawballs didn't start this thread because he wanted a discussion about violent crime. He started it because the man was a Tory and Strawballs thought he could start a fight."

And fourm member as ever is more than willing to do the job.

  john bunyan 12:15 04 May 2013


(Unusually!!) I fully agree with your last post.

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