council worry about burger vans but allow this

  lofty29 22:20 11 Nov 2008

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Coucil are busy worrying about burger vans and pc correctness, whilst at the same time allowing this to occurr. Time and agin we hear that lesson have been learned and that this sort of thing must not happen again, then it does, but does anybody get punished, the article says it all.

  lofty29 22:22 11 Nov 2008

ps sorry for the typing errors either must get new keyboard or new fingers.

  dagbladet 22:22 11 Nov 2008

...or even add a link!

  lofty29 22:26 11 Nov 2008

the link is at the top "click here"

  Forum Editor 23:33 11 Nov 2008

but didn't, are still in their jobs. Sabah Alzayyat, the doctor who failed to spot his serious injuries two days before he died didn't carry out a full examination because the child was "miserable and cranky". You tend to get miserable and cranky when you have fractured ribs and a broken back.

Mariah Ward, who had been the child's social worker for six months, failed to do anything about the systematic abuse, Social services repeatedly insisted that the 17 month old toddler was returned to his mother.

Both these people are a total disgrace, and should lose their jobs immediately. I sincerely hope their consciences are troubled for the rest of their lives by what they have failed to do - it's incompetence of the worst kind. Harringey Council has now failed twice to protect children from violent deaths at the hands of their parents, and those responsible for failing in their duty of care should never be allowed to work in the field again.

No doubt at some point we'll hear the usual pathetic utterance 'lessons have been learnt', when it's quite plain that no lessons have been learnt. It's 2008,and we still can't manage to protect young children from being killed by their parents in one of the world's most advanced and wealthy societies.

  al7478 23:41 11 Nov 2008

Could'nt have put it better, but wanted to echo the sentiment.

  mrwoowoo 00:53 12 Nov 2008

The whole matter just completely depresses me and even brings tears to my eyes when i see the list of injuries that this poor defenceless baby had to sufer.
How can anyone be sadistical eniugh to keep doing that to a baby?
I won't bother stating what i'd like to do to them or even what i hope happens to them, as all the goody goody pc brigade would start bleating about their human rights.

  bigggles 04:04 12 Nov 2008

Whilst I agree with the sentiments expressed here, the life of a social worker must be one of the most stressful around, and they won't get much sympathy on days like today.

  Chegs ®™ 07:09 12 Nov 2008

No doubt at some point we'll hear the usual pathetic utterance 'lessons have been learnt',

I saw a bloody anti-social worker on the News uttering exactly this drivel.The reporter instantly fired back with "but you said the same thing last time,when is something actually going to happen & will those responsible for letting this happen again lose their jobs?" to which she replied that nobody will be sacked and repeated that lessons have been learned!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:21 12 Nov 2008

So, two top managers at BBC radio (who had naff all to do with a certain show) resign because of juvenile comments made by the two presenters and no one, especially the bewildered bint Sharon 'we have told naughty social workers off' Shoesmith, head of social services, who gave one of the most snivelling interviews ever, is going to lose their job or get banged up for aiding in this spectacular screw up.
One would expect the public to be baying for their resignations as they did for Brandt and Ross but it never ceases to amaze me where some people's priorities lie.


  interzone55 08:39 12 Nov 2008

Nothing I'm about to say is in anyway a defence of the failings of the two people named by FE, but I must put in a word about how Social Services work in my town and things won't be much different in Harringay.

Social Services have two tiers, Family Workers and Social Workers. Family Workers visit the families, and make reports, but they can only make recommendations, they can't remove a child from their family. Only the Social Workers or Police can do this.

The trouble is that there aren't enough social workers to service the huge number of problem families.

The next problem is that the current feeling is that it is damaging to remove a child from their birth parents (yeah, but 50 injuries including a broken back isn't damaging).

And on top of all this, the management where my wife works are far more interested in booking two separate Christmas meals to bother about helping their clients...

(sorry about the festive mention, but it's important to my point)

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