council tax reducing

  fitcher 11:11 29 Sep 2008

do you think councils are going to reduce the banding on council tax ,now the housing prices are going down
and were will the funds come for council workers higher wages. if it happens .. .seeing the unions are going to want an inflation rise for members ...//..what a mess we are in

  Animalmagic 11:38 29 Sep 2008

No way jose..

They would now be used to a level of return/capital known as a budget, i cant see them ever reducing it to be honest, imho theyve pushed the price up from the first ever year i dont think it will ever PEAK it will just go up & up.

like most of these "New" tax's they start of small then rise..

  bstb3 16:27 29 Sep 2008

The tories have announced that they will 'freeze' English council tax for two years should they get into power (they cant legally freeze it, but will pay councils the increase they need provided it meets certain condions).

It will be interesting to see if councils try to pre-empt this potential real funding decrease (i.e after inflation is taken into account) by hiking taxes further than necessary in years preceeding a general election (which of course Labour wouldnt want them to do, politically).

  Forum Editor 17:29 29 Sep 2008

Are you seriously suggesting that your local authority should adjust the council tax every time house prices fluctuate? What if house prices rise by 10% - are you willing to pay more council tax?

It doesn't work that way. The local authority has to pay for all your local services and amenities at the same rate, regardless of what's happening in the housing market.

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