Council staff strike (inc. the bin men)

  GRIDD 12:25 16 Jul 2008

across NI and I just read unemployment has went up by 15,500 on the news. Highest increase in 15 years according to the Beeb.

Rough times, rough times.

I wasn't even born when the "Winter of Discontent" occurred but this seems to be becoming the "Summer of Discontent"....

  GRIDD 12:34 16 Jul 2008
  Cymro. 13:18 16 Jul 2008

Don`t go worrying too much about the winter/summer of discontent you will live through it just as we did and I am sure that you have lived through much worse espesially in Northern Ireland. In fact for me the winter of discontent was a very happy time.

  spuds 15:37 16 Jul 2008

I cannot see how this will effect 'council' bin men. I thought all the councils now use sub-contractors for refuse recycling and collections.

  interzone55 15:42 16 Jul 2008

Our bin men are on strike (Rochdale) there's an ad in the local paper stating that anyone who doesn't get their household waste collected Wed & Thursday it will be picked up on Saturday.

This raises two points

1) how are they managing to collect two days waste in one morning?

2) I hope the bin men don't try to claim overtime on Saturday when they've not worked their contracted hours in the week...

  Cymro. 15:46 16 Jul 2008

Of course they will be paid at overtime rates for working on a Saturday, why not. The fact that they have been on strike makes no difference morally or legally.

As for all councils using sub-contractors they don`t around here.

  interzone55 16:34 16 Jul 2008

Explain how being on strike for two days entitles you to overtime to clear the backlog.

On my contract overtime only kicks in after I've worked my contracted hours, if for any reason, other than sickness or holidays, I fail to work my contracted hours I don't get time & a 1/2 for working on Saturday.

  Chegs ®™ 16:41 16 Jul 2008

We have sub-contracted bin-men,the sub-contractor is a company the council own majority shares in.The previous contractor quit mid-term.

  Cymro. 17:28 16 Jul 2008

Well obviously I don`t know exactly what contract the bin men concerned are working under but I would hope very much that they would be able to claim full overtime rates.

Perhaps you need to renegotiate your contract with your employer.

  jolorna 21:27 16 Jul 2008

bin men working here in doncaster

  Forum Editor 23:52 16 Jul 2008

season with a dash of increasing food and fuel costs, and you have the recipe for industrial action - union leaders on TV saying how their hard-working members provide vital services to the community and how they can't possibly manage on less than a 5% pay rise,or whatever happens to be the percentage of choice.

It's as inevitable as floods after heavy rains, and if unchecked it leads to more inflation and votes of no confidence in the government. Parliament will rise soon, and Ministers will drift off to their holiday retreats in dread of a call from the Prime Minister - some crisis or other will have developed to spoil yet another Italian idyll. It's all as predictable as an episode of Midsomer murders, but decidedly less entertaining.

Rising inflation fuels wage demands, which fuel rising inflation, which fuels... I'm sure you get the picture.

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