Council help for repossessed homes coming?

  TopCat® 15:42 29 Aug 2008

The expected news to be announced by ministers next week is that councils will be allowed to buy into homes under threat of repossession.

Seems on the face of it to be a good idea if it is seen to work positively for the owners. TC.

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  ventanas 16:21 29 Aug 2008

I don't think it will happen, there may not be enough time before this government goes, and I certainly wouldn't relish the thought of so called "social housing" anywhere near me.

  spuds 19:13 29 Aug 2008

Remember the Thatcher year of the commencement of the Right to Buy. Thousands of council owned properties were sold off, and most of these were never replaced due to national government restrictions and guidelines.

I don't know how other councils work, but our council seems to let certain buildings deteriorate, then state that they have no funding available for repairs and modernisation. This 'redundant' property then seems to have a peppercorn value, when it is transfered or sold off to an housing association.

A number of years ago, the then deputy prime ministers office introduced the 'Stay Put' scheme, and each major council were briefed on what should or should not happen, if people fell on hard times in their own homes. Each council then came up with what appears to be different interpretations of providing help, possibly in grant form. Some councils didn't even go that far, using the 'lack of funding' apology as an excuse.

Taking into consideration of the governments take-over of Northern Rock (which is still losing money), and the increase of repossessions that company is at present undertaking. Then for the government concern about repossessions will be of little effect or help to some people.

  Admiral Allstar 18:20 31 Aug 2008

Great, so my council tax may well end up funding peoples irresponsible borrowing. I have no doubt there will be some idiots who see this as the government bailing out reckless individuals who borrow too much and will therefore borrow to their hearts content safe in the knowledge that they dont have to take responsibility for their actions.

Whilst the banks have to take some respinsibility for their reckless lending I didnt hear people crying out in anger when they borrowed. Funny that, especially as people are now in strife and expecting taxpayers to bail them out.

  oresome 18:28 31 Aug 2008

Council tax exceeds 10% of my income now. I have no wish to finance the property market as well as gold plated pensions.

  Bapou 18:38 31 Aug 2008

Not to worry, this may not happen after all. Gordon Brown has dreamed up a scheme to kick start the housing market.

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First it was bailing out Northern Rock now we are all going to be mortgage brokers!!

  K_elt 20:59 31 Aug 2008

Clever, really. They can now give money to the banks without the banks having to pay it back, from the pockets of those who continue to try to manage their finances to stay in the black!

It doesn't address the root cause of the problems and won't stop people continuing to be overstretched and ultimately losing their home, as the pressure of increased costs continues without any additional income available.

Banks continue to keep their rate well above base rate, so no help there. To me it just seems to give the banks another helping hand.

  Stuartli 21:39 31 Aug 2008

Councils are always complaining they don't have enough money to pay for essential services now, even though Council tax has pretty well doubled in the past 10 years.

  TopCat® 21:44 31 Aug 2008

the only way this government can afford to do anything to help in this crisis will be to borrow yet more money. Our debt level has already exceeded the 'permissable' up to 40 percent of the national income, thanks to the recent '10p tax' blunder.

If the economy doesn't recover in time then the victors at the next general election will have to announce several austerity budgets to pay most of it and the interest back. It will be a fine balancing act between debt repayment and keeping the economy healthy and in growth.

Just my humble opinion as I see it, of course. TC.

  peter99co 21:53 31 Aug 2008

I have been told in the past that anything the Mail prints is Fantasy. What am I supposed to believe in this report. I think most of it is possible because it is such rubbish it must be true of this lot. Is GB still wearing his Treasury Hat.

  GRIDD 21:59 31 Aug 2008

Gordon won't stop until he has 100% taxation and then you fill a form in to claim back what you need in vouchers.

I don't think I've ever detested a politician as much as I do him.

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