Council could impose ban on beggars

  Cymro. 13:04 04 Jan 2018

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I suppose someone somewhere may see this as an answer to the problem of beggars in our High St. I just see it a sign of our shame that such things are still going on in this modern day and age in what is still a wealthy country. I don't know what is the answer is but banning them from our High Streets only hides a shameful situation. I offer them some loose change and I have even bought someone a sandwich fro time to time. But there must be something better I can do. Waitting for any government to solve such problems seem a very long wait. Yes I know that the poor have and always will be with us but that is no excuse for just doing nothing. Disease and ill health has always been with us but this does not stop us from investing in medical research even if we don't expect to benefit from it.

  wee eddie 14:16 04 Jan 2018

The problem is frequently not 'real' beggars but the 'professional' ones.

In Ayr, we used to have one who came down from Glasgow every day, on the train.

  Sapins 14:46 04 Jan 2018

As well as rounding them up they should be deported immediately. They should have not been allowed to enter the country without a thorough check, showing they had a job to go to, had no criminal record and were not suffering from any serious illness.

Anyone who feels sorry for them should go and help them in their country where I am sure they will be very welcome!

  Forum Editor 16:15 04 Jan 2018

"I offer them some loose change and I have even bought someone a sandwich fro time to time. But there must be something better I can do."

Well, you could offer to pay more council tax, so more money could go to your local authority's social services budget. Then they could provide all kinds of facilities to get beggars off the streets.

The trouble is, that might simply add to the problem, as more people found it easier to take advantage of your largesse.

In reality, people who beg are doing so because they are either too lazy to do a job and see begging as a way of getting money for nothing, or they are genuinely unable to work because they have no fixed abode, or they have difficulty coping with life - they have mental health or addiction problems.

People who are homeless for one reason or another have my utmost sympathy, but there are ways that - with a little help and motivation - they can climb back out of that situation.

Beggars who can't be bothered to help themselves are the real problem, and it's on the increase. Anyone who lives/works in my city (London) will be very familiar with the beggars who haunt public places like the big Railway stations, and approach you for money - they even name the sum they want:- "Excuse me sir, but can you spare a pound for a cup of tea?"

My wife sees one such person several times a week, and he asks her for 'a couple of pounds for a Cappuccino'. I know that she often pays up, and it irritates me. She's simply helping to perpetuate that part of the problem.

Solutions? I doubt that there are any that will be permanently effective.

  canarieslover 16:20 04 Jan 2018

Obviously the area I live in does not have the tourist attraction that goes with Windsor.Despite this we still have a small number of rough sleepers/beggars who, almost without exception, appear to be European migrants. Some of these do adopt quite an aggressive attitude when begging and I do my utmost to steer clear of them. Ten years ago there were practically no beggars in the area, just the occasional tramp who would offer to sharpen knives and scissors, usually on the nearest kerbstone. My nearest town has such a problem that councillors have requested extra policing of an evening. I don't profess to know the answer to the problem, but I do know that it has certainly escalated since we began to let in so many Eastern Europeans. Other countries seem to have policies that require immigrants to have a job to go to when they arrive which must go some way to preventing the large number of vagrants that we seem to suffer from. It's a bit late now though to adopt that policy as we have already got quite a big problem to deal with.

  Forum Editor 17:03 04 Jan 2018

"I do know that it has certainly escalated since we began to let in so many Eastern Europeans."

That has also been my impression - traffic lights seem to be particularly attractive to women cleaning windscreens, and 'disabled' men hobbling along rattling a plastic cup with coins in it.

"Some of these do adopt quite an aggressive attitude when begging"

That is also my experience.

Home-grown beggars seem to favour sitting outside supermarkets and banks on a blanket, often with a dog for company.

We get buskers as well, but that's fine with me - they cheer up the high street, and they are offering something in return. I'll happily make a contribution. On the London Underground there are licensed buskers in some of the pedestrian tunnels, and some of them are really good. They are an asset in terms of making the often long tunnels between platforms seem friendlier places, and they aren't begging.

  martd7 17:08 04 Jan 2018

In Bradford we have quite a few beggars one in particular an old Romanian woman playing the accordion,been there about 3yrs now,and an Asian in his thirty's been there few year,once asked him why he was on the streets said his wife kicked him out ripped up his passport so he can't claim benefits and he doesn't have the means to buy a passport,not too sure about that,far as I know can apply for emergency loan from social,put him on jobseekers allowance and the loan moneys taken from his benefits

  Forum Editor 17:32 04 Jan 2018

The real problem, as we have discovered, is separating the people who are begging because they can't work for a living from those who are either here illegally, or just can't see the point of working when they can beg for a living.

The 'can't be bothered to work' cases may be British, or they may not. The illegal entrants who beg should obviously not be here, but what do we do about them? It's easy to say that we should send them back where they came from, but that isn't so easy. There are all kinds of ways for them to hide, and all kinds of ways they can delay their exit.

One way or another, it all costs us money in the end. We are not the only country with this problem by a long chalk.

  Smudge120 18:05 04 Jan 2018

There were two this morning on one of the main street in the town center near the entrance to M&S. Never give money or food to them. There have always been beggars. But there have been recent cases were "Beggars" have driven away in new cars after each day on the streets. Probably on benefits and income not being taxed!!

  morddwyd 20:00 04 Jan 2018

Begging is illegal and has been for many years. Simply enforce the laws we already have.

It was never tolerated even during the worst days of the war and the austerity afterwards.

  bumpkin 20:52 04 Jan 2018

Begging is illegal and has been for many years. Simply enforce the laws we already have.

I tend to agree with that. We now have regisred beggars called charities, give to one and you will be innundated with requests from others. The same as any other beggars many of whom are better off than myself.

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