Could You manage without a Laptop / PC

  Ex plorer 10:17 11 Apr 2013

Morning all, my son and partner have just moved into a new house on a large housing development.

They have been there eleven weeks now and applied to have the phone connected immediately the house was finished. Before they moved they used there laptops daily in fact his partner needed to use hers for work as she could work from home.

As yet they have had two days wasted waiting in for BT.

I went to see them a couple of days ago and I said I would be lost without been on line and they agreed it was tough for for a few weeks but they have found a work round and use a 3G stick for important usage only. They don’t really miss using laptops any more and have stopped pushing to get the BT line into the house it seems they can manage with there mobiles.

  Quickbeam 10:34 11 Apr 2013

'course not, silly question.

Ain't it?

  Bing.alau 10:34 11 Apr 2013

Well I managed for over seventy years without one, so I am sure I could still do so.

  Quickbeam 10:36 11 Apr 2013

But would you need to dust the abacus off?

  chub_tor 11:50 11 Apr 2013

Ex plorer to me one of your key sentences is "have stopped pushing to get the BT line into the house it seems they can manage with there mobiles." And that seems to be a growing trend; both my daughter in the States and my son over here in Essex no longer have land lines. Instead they rely mainly on their mobile phones and secondly on tablets with 3G dongles for email and internet.

Having paid for "free" anytime calls with BT I am now beginning to realise that this may be false economy as more and more friends and family expect me to call their mobile numbers which are not free and in fact they are damned expensive.

  morddwyd 17:28 11 Apr 2013

This has come up before, and quite recently.

Yes I could, but why would I want to?

  spuds 17:38 11 Apr 2013

Considering that I purchased a laptop that was loaded with the latest version of Windows Vista, goes to show how long ago was that. Hardly use the thing, and it will most likely remain like that.

But coming back to internet connection, this particular laptop as never liked internet connections :O(

  Cymro. 16:01 13 Apr 2013

I suppose it is all a matter of need. I certainly have no real need of a computer. I send and receive Emails, post on a few Internet Forums, no not computer related once. As someone said earlier I am old enough to remember the days before home computing so I managed then and I could manage again.

My daughter however works part of her week from home as does her husband. So they obviously need their computers. My son also uses a computer for his work so again he would be lost without one.

The time will probably come when life without a computer will be not just unthinkable but impossible. Thankfully most of us will be long since gone by then.

  Joseph Kerr 16:34 13 Apr 2013

Probably, but I'll keep a desktop until they become very hard to get hold of, by which time any issues I'd have without one would probably be solved anyway .

  Forum Editor 16:54 13 Apr 2013

I can't think of a reason why I would want to manage my life without a laptop, but I suppose that - at a push - I could just about do it.

Nobody can run an efficient business life with just a mobile phone, however.

  woodchip 17:05 13 Apr 2013

My Daughter just uses 3G T.Mobil for last three years a she did not want to shell out for the BT line connection though its in the house, its the exchange they connect, and they are in it to make money

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