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Could you manage without internet access?

  Forum Editor 23:34 18 Aug 2012

I'm a self-confessed internet addict, spending a good deal of my working life online, and I'm afraid I have to check my emails, even when I'm on holiday.

I'm not alone but I wonder just how many of you also recognise the symptoms in yourselves - would you be OK without the internet for a couple of weeks, or if you're honest, would you feel something was missing if you didn't get your daily on-line fix?

  LastChip 00:09 19 Aug 2012

I would find it ridiculously hard.

Recently, my wife researched and booked a holiday for us. The only prerequisite I made was, the destination must have Internet access.

No Internet - no booking!

  morddwyd 07:07 19 Aug 2012

I could, but I think I would find it difficult.

Banking, shopping, news, messaging, even TV schedules, all on-line.

I would certainly rather be without television!

  Aitchbee 08:03 19 Aug 2012

I think I could survive without the internet because I don't shop, bank, use e-mail(much).I don't download videos or music (only updates to software and windows XP).

...but I would miss PCAdvisor (...and not just this forum.)

...and with all that extra free time I would be able to 'catch up' on my household chores!

  Noldi 08:14 19 Aug 2012

I can go without work e-mail no problem but would take my smart phone for news and work / hobby related Webb sites. But I will say I do limit my time on the Webb while on holiday. Last year we holidayed in Cuba so we lasted 2 weeks without Internet.


  Forum Editor 09:09 19 Aug 2012

"...being able to answer my wife's 'Where do we know that actor from?'"

That rings a huge bell.

If we're watching TV in the evening my iPad is by my side, and is used to look up an actor,or a location on a regular basis.

That's the thing about the internet - almost everything is out there somewhere, all you have to do is ask Google to find it. My children and their friends have grown up in an on-line world, and they use it as routinely as turning on a tap. There's no sense of 'missing' something, or not having a life - they have very busy social lives in the real world. What they do, and what I do, too, is use the internet as a means to an end, rather than an end in itself.

Life is for living, and the internet can make the living that bit more interesting.

  onthelimit1 09:17 19 Aug 2012

Just spent a week in Tuscany with no internet. Had a great time, but hated not being able to access the usual.

  carver 09:30 19 Aug 2012

I would struggle to go more than a couple of days without the net, I rely on it far to much, most shopping is done on it (bar food) research is done by internet for a lot of jobs, eating out, what's on at the cinema, I could go on and on.

Four years ago I would never have imagined that I would need a smart phone, now after using various ones for nearly 3 years I feel lost if I forget it when going out.

I'm just sorry that the internet has arrived so late in my life, the knowledge that is available is nearly unlimited.

It's made life so much easier but at the same time to be so reliant on one particular form of access to the outside world it's scary, but if you are one of today's children being brought up with it they don't know any different.

woody "I see in papers yesterday some people say Brits are "idle" - is there a connection?" one word NO what you saw was a bunch of idiots spouting off who should keep their thoughts to themselves until they grow up. Anyway this post isn't about that.

  johndrew 09:41 19 Aug 2012

Provided I could order various items using the 'phone - dog food, batteries and a few other miscellaneous items - the answer is 'yes, I could manage without the internet'.

Both communication and buying over the internet is simple and quick but so is using a 'phone. I agree that buying can be done without the need for a human to be in the 'store' but I always managed before.

Searching for information would entail using books - again not a major problem as I still know how how they work - or perhaps buying CD/DVDs with encyclopaedia on them. PCs without the internet can still be used to write letters and a walk to the post box is healthy.

I would miss the banter on sites such as this, but perhaps it would encourage a return to verbal communication.

  amonra 13:55 19 Aug 2012

I could manage OK but I would be hell to live with !(my wife says)

  spuds 17:23 19 Aug 2012

Looking over the general inputs to this thread, it would seem that there would be quite a number of people who might not survive, if there was a major failure with internet access.

I am perhaps one of those miserable people who is getting very use to internet failures of one kind or another (so perhaps I am becoming accustomed for that final failure day?). Email services that seem to fail at the most unfortunate time, and the ISP knows there is a problem, but have no time scale to fix the problem. Banks that request double or treble payments for a credit card statement payment, then tell you that it will take 5 working days to return the money they had taken incorrectly but should not have.

The list is endless, and perhaps the internet is essential to some, when others find it not so much. I am one of those people who can 'give and take', and the internet is perhaps one item that I can regard as not essential to me personally?.

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