Could shale gas production undo Scottish independence?

  johndrew 16:00 13 Dec 2012

  johndrew 16:07 13 Dec 2012

Not sure how that moved without me posting, however ....

Given the news that drilling for shale gas (fracking) has been given the go ahead and there are apparently many years supply available in England, could the reliance of Scotland's first Minister on gas/oil supplies in the north sea be further undermined?

The current fracking plans may not provide 100% of supplies required, but it would appear to be a substantial windfall. It may also reduce our reliance on supplies from Russia and elsewhere.

What do you think?

  oresome 17:09 13 Dec 2012

If anyone's undermined, it could be those near the fracking sites!

  WhiteTruckMan 20:20 13 Dec 2012

Wasn't fracking a swear word in the recent remake of battlestar galactica?


  Grey Goo 20:28 13 Dec 2012

Fracking might create a new tourist attraction,"The Leaning Tower of Blackpool", Didn't do Pisa any harm.

  morddwyd 20:50 13 Dec 2012

Anyone who believes the "cheap" energy hype about shale oil obviously can't remember the same claims being made about North Sea Oil and nuclear power!

If there's money to be made it won't be the consumer that makes it.

  QuizMan 21:09 13 Dec 2012

It is not only price that is the driving force, but also having our own supply and not being dependent on imports plus the possibility of foreign political instability outside our control.

Mind you, I seem to recall the same thing was said about North Sea gas and we finished up exporting much of it which meant we started to run out of it sooner.

  Bing.alau 07:49 14 Dec 2012

As Grey Goo says. The people of Blackpool aren't too happy about it. It seems the government have overlooked the earthquakes in the area caused through fracking.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:43 14 Dec 2012

Quite a types of energy production, or rather the extraction of coal gas and the like have caused mini earthquakes.

But I do agree with morddwyd the ordinary consumer will see little benefit as any savings will go to pay shareholders dividends and obvious bonuses. I know in the US gas prices to the consumer shrank by quite a significant amount but it is unlikely that we, the ordinary consumer will see such reduction.

  Aitchbee 14:57 14 Dec 2012

There could be lucrative 'spin-offs' 'n' TV starrin' job oppurtoonities ... take-a-look-a-here ....

It's a gas gas gas ...

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