Could Nortons Internet Security Be Any Dummer?

  fourjays 10:37 01 Aug 2004

Due to all the advice you generally hear about installing firewalls other than the default XP, which would seem fine for a basic home user, who does nothing on the internet, except browse webpages occasionally. As with all firewalls, you need to configure them, so you can access home networks and play games online, but why do you have to be a nuclear physicist to configure them? Also, why does the firewall always seem to ignore whatever ports/programs you open?

I only use NIS on my 'work' computer, next to my 'games' computer. I once had it on my 'games' PC, but however much I configured it, opened ports, and clicked 'let this through', it still blocked me from hosting and joining online games. So now it is on my 'work' PC only, but probably not for long. I have just gone onto broadband, and have configured NIS to let my 'games' comp access the printer on the 'work' PC. And it will work once I have gone to the 'network' dialog, but until I go there and click ok again, it insists on blocking the printer.

I have found through my gaming that the XP Firewall, is the simplest and easiest to configure, along with the one in my router, so I keep my computer protected by regularly runing AVG AV, and Spybot, so that trojan horses and other nastys can't use the outgoing hole.

But all I simply want to say is, why does the Firewall have to be so secure, that not even the user can get through it via configuring it? Aren't we supposed to do anything on our computers, except sit there like a lemon, browsing web pages?

Im not complaining, but more letting off steam, and I am sure others have come across stupiditys with things like this.

  Mysticnas 14:58 01 Aug 2004

you mentioned a hardware firewall???

Do you actually need a software firewall if you've got a hardware firewall?

  Smiler 15:18 01 Aug 2004

As Mysticnas says if you have a firewall on your router you don't need one on any of you machines. Just configer the router firewall to allow what you want to let through.

  fourjays 15:46 01 Aug 2004

I have now uninstalled NIS anyway. But I am glad to hear that I don't need it anyway.

  Shorty 15:00 09 Aug 2004

McAfee is just as dumb. It not only blocks things when it feels like it, but despite giving it permission various times it still blocks 'Instant Updater' which is its own program to update itself. What kind of software blocks itself. D'oh!

  fourjays 16:05 09 Aug 2004

Although I now have it turned off, the best firewall I have ever used, was the XP one. It is very easy to configure (just type in the port number and IP), it doesn't barrage you with hundreds of messages telling you useless information, and as long as you keep clear of trojans, it does its job.

  Dorsai 21:54 10 Aug 2004

There are those who frequent this place who make the statement that a fire wall for a presonal user is a waste of time. They say that a personal user will not be attacked, as the stuff on your home PC aint worth the effort of finding, let alone hacking.

Thinking about what is on my PC, I struggle to find a reason to disagree.

But then it wont do any harm, and there are the odd vandells about, who may trash you, just coz they can.

There is nothing in my flat really worth the stealing of, but i still lock the door. A really determined burgular can still break a window though.

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