Could this indicate the shape of Windows 9?

  johndrew 14:48 18 Sep 2014

I found this article on developments for W9 quite interesting and wondered if any on the forum may find it in any way stimulating.

My opinion of W8 is certainly similar to that of the author but may not be reflected by many others. Similarly I hope W9 will be a reasonable advancement as I have found W7 over XP.

Any feelings or comments?

  wee eddie 16:33 18 Sep 2014

I have no idea what Microsoft will do, but I hope that W9 will address the Business Market, which has vast numbers of Units that are in dire need of replacing.

A version of Windows that is Desktop friendly,is not reliant on a Touch Screen and has the option of no distracting Apps, will revitalise the Manufacturing Sector. Particularly if it can pick up XP's software.

Maybe that last bit is asking too much as it would affect sales of Office.

  spuds 17:09 18 Sep 2014

Having recently read an article about Windows 9 (Threshold), it would seem that Wednesday 30 September is the date Microsoft will announce the preview version of W9, ready for its 'full' release next spring.

Whether there is any truth on the matter, it would also seem that a upgrade W9 will be offered free to those that have W8.1. Anyone who upgraded from W8 to W8.1 will be offered an upgrade for a discount price of about $20 (£12).

Returning back to the contents of the article I was reading, it seems to have a good report by a number of 'experts'.

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