Costa Concordia

  Al94 15:45 22 Jul 2014

Amazing feat of engineering to firstly right the ship and subsequently refloat her in preparation for towing to Genoa tomorrow for breaking - weather permitting. The final voyage will take 4/5 days.

live video link

  john bunyan 15:56 22 Jul 2014

Great engineering - lousy prosecutors - I believe that Francesco Schettino's trial is still not over.(Mind you he blamed the helmsman)

  Al94 15:56 22 Jul 2014

She looked a lot better the last time I passed her in Barcelona click here

  john bunyan 16:07 22 Jul 2014

My 19 year old granddaughter is in Barcelona as part of a trip to a music festival. In spite of my warnings she and a friend had passports and euro cards nicked from a beach there! Hope your visit was trouble free! Why is it that youngsters between about 15 and 24 ignore advice from those who have been around the block?

  the.hick 16:13 22 Jul 2014

Seems a lot has been spent just to scrap this ship. Anyone reckon the owners may repair and re-fit her?

  Al94 16:16 22 Jul 2014

Totally out of the question.The reason this was done was to reduce the environmental impact on the island of Giglio.

  bumpkin 17:15 22 Jul 2014

Seems a lot has been spent just to scrap this ship.

What is the alternative it can't just be left there.

Youngsters will only ever learn by experience unfortunately and we were no exceptions.

  Al94 17:35 22 Jul 2014

This linkalso for a final view before she is taken away in the morning.

  mbc 19:52 22 Jul 2014

Local business will suffer. A lot of touristo trade developed from sightseers.

  Forum Editor 22:13 22 Jul 2014

"Why is it that youngsters between about 15 and 24 ignore advice from those who have been around the block?"

Because they want to go around the block themselves, without interference from older people who mean well, but actually detract from the sheer thrill of discovering the world for yourself. The hardest thing about being a parent is learning that there comes a point when you just have to let go of your child and trust.

  john bunyan 11:17 23 Jul 2014

Forum Editor

You obviously did not realise I was being ironic. I probably have more experience in this matter of knowing what youngsters are like, even than you!

The OP mentioned Barcelona, and a 19 year old granddaughter (615 UCAS points Undergrad at UCL, on course for a First) is there as part of a music festival holiday. Granddad (me) provided a lot of spending money - split into two currency cards. I advised her to have a photocopy of the id page of the passport and that there was a great risk of thieves. On her fist day, she and her friend went swimming and their passports and a currency cards were stolen. Fortunately the back up plan went into action. There is a difference between "interference" on life issues and practical advice from one who has had interesting safety issues in Karachi, Nairobi, Manila and other "hairy" destinations. Of course I agree with your general premise.

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