Cost of raising a child rises to £227,000

  oresome 21:04 23 Jan 2014

So says the Centre for Economic and Business Research as reported in a article in the Telegraph.

I'm sure you can get to this figure as demonstrated in the table, but does the CEBR really believe that the vast majority of families expend this amount of money for each child produced?

Just how do they manage it on average income or less?

What's the point of this questionable research?

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  bumpkin 21:51 23 Jan 2014

£227.000 Would not be too bad if they were independent at 18yrs. The £227.000 quoted is just the start.

  bumpkin 22:02 23 Jan 2014

oresome, just had a play with the calculator and see your point. Very few could afford more than one child on that basis.

  Aitchbee 22:32 23 Jan 2014

I remember when I was little [circa 1960] at primary school, the pupils could 'buy a black baby' for 2 shillings [ it was a voluntary scheme in which pupils could also nominate a name of a saint for this fictitious child in a far-off land, Africa, for example] ... I chose Saint Bonaventure 'cos he sounded like an adventurous geezer ...

  Algerian peter ™ 22:32 23 Jan 2014

That is me £1,590,862 out of pocket. :-(

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:55 24 Jan 2014

Send them down the mines or up the chimneys. Make them self-financing.

  oresome 13:02 24 Jan 2014

As bumpkin says, if you're stuck with the blighters till they're in their fourties, the costs do mount up.

I suppose if I charged my time out for repairing all the household items that I'm asked to fix once they do move out, I might recoup some of the outlay.

The daughters door bell hasn't worked for a month. She's waiting for me to buy and fit new batteries.

Her printer has been out of ink for a similar time. It's easier and cheaper for her to come round and use mine and wait while I buy and fit new cartridges to hers.

Do I sound like a grumpy old man?

  bumpkin 13:29 24 Jan 2014

Do I sound like a grumpy old man? No you have summed it up in a nutshell. Just asked my 27yr old daughter to read your post which she found highly amusing.

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