The cost of moving schools

  Blueone12 17:29 12 Mar 2018

Hi the cost of moving schools is quite expensive. Both my daughter 14 and son 11 have resently started a new secondary school. I had had to 2 full brand new uniforms which were far cheaper than I expected as blazers at there last school were £27 alone. How does my cost compare to your cost ??

My kids uniform cost school jumper with school logo £11 x4 2 each school polo shirt £9x6 3 each black school trousers £7x4 2 each daughters school shoes / plain black lace up pumps £3 sons school shoes / plain black lace up pumps £3 pe top £10 x2 1 each pe jumper £12 x2 1 each pe shorts £10x2 1 eachMy

  canarieslover 17:40 13 Mar 2018

caccy - Yes that's how my uniform was bought, Prove cheques, the original payday loans. As I remember it was paid back at a shilling for every pound borrowed for 21 weeks. Not quite the massive interest rates charged nowadays. I believe they now call them doorstep loans.

  oresome 17:45 13 Mar 2018

Ah, the Tallyman. I remember him well.

He used to call weekly to collect payment for goods purchased on the never never.

My wife's grandfather had a tailoring business where he went round and measured customers in their homes for suits and then collected payment plus interest on a weekly basis.

  canarieslover 18:03 13 Mar 2018

oresome - Tallyman, didn't Jeff Beck write a song about him?

  bumpkin 21:28 13 Mar 2018

I agree with school uniforms. What is the alternative, a fashion competition with the wealthiest showing off. The days when you could only get them from one supplier are long gone. Should we abolish them for the army maybe or the air force or the emergency services and let them dress as they wish.

  Menzie 23:50 13 Mar 2018

Here schools don't have uniforms apart from private schools and Catholic schools.

Having no uniform is more expensive than having one as the trainers alone many kids wear are $100+.

Uniforms definitely help to make everyone blend in and provides a level playing field.

  bumpkin 19:05 15 Mar 2018

how will the kids travel to the secondary by bus or car or train or all three or maybe walk

One at a time in massive 4x4 Chelsea tractors of course, these are modern times.

  bumpkin 18:04 30 Apr 2018

My last reply was over a month ago, why is this at the top?

  wee eddie 18:39 30 Apr 2018

There was a Spammer, who has been removed

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