The cost of moving schools

  Blueone12 17:29 12 Mar 2018

Hi the cost of moving schools is quite expensive. Both my daughter 14 and son 11 have resently started a new secondary school. I had had to 2 full brand new uniforms which were far cheaper than I expected as blazers at there last school were £27 alone. How does my cost compare to your cost ??

My kids uniform cost school jumper with school logo £11 x4 2 each school polo shirt £9x6 3 each black school trousers £7x4 2 each daughters school shoes / plain black lace up pumps £3 sons school shoes / plain black lace up pumps £3 pe top £10 x2 1 each pe jumper £12 x2 1 each pe shorts £10x2 1 eachMy

  canarieslover 21:46 12 Mar 2018

Blueone12 - Cost is a relative thing, if you can't afford it then it's expensive. My parents got my uniform for grammar school in 1954 and it cost 50% of a weeks wages for my father. My grandson recently started infant school and the lot wasn't much more than £30 which is only around 5% of my son's wage, and still he moaned abut the cost. Everyday clothes have never been cheaper but what has changed are our spending on other "necessities", ie cars, social activities, housing, etc. Obviously this leaves less for things like uniforms.

  Menzie 22:20 12 Mar 2018

At least the uniforms, some pens and exercise books are the only cost.

Before I moved to Britain as a young lad and was in the Caribbean. I remember my parents having to not only get my uniform and all the other things but my text books as well.

My Comprehension, Mathematics, Science and other books had to be purchased at the beginning of the school year as these were not provided.

  Quickbeam 22:44 12 Mar 2018

3 each black school trousers? I only ever had one pair at a time until I outgrew them!

  Forum Editor 09:10 13 Mar 2018

I clearly remember my father complaining about the cost of my secondary school uniform and kit, back in the stone age.

What really incensed him was the way that my Grammar school appointed an 'official' uniform shop in the town from which all the parents had to buy the stuff. My father believed that both the shop and someone at the school were getting a nice little earner out of it, and I'm sure he wasn't wrong. The uniform shop was a mens' outfitters, and it had an exclusive right to sell the special colour uniform jackets, sweaters, caps (yes, caps), berets, ties, raincoats,skirts, etc., etc.

It all came to a lot of money each year, as according to my mother I seemed to grow out of everything every six months or so.

It's much better now, when at least you can get most items from lots of different sources, with just the badged items coming via the school.

  morddwyd 09:32 13 Mar 2018

My son moved schools 8 times in 14 years (and still managed to win a university place which he turned down!).

We regarded any expense as part of having, and bringing up, a family.

  Cymro. 11:21 13 Mar 2018

Some years ago two local secondary schools amalgamated into one comprehensive. It was decided that as a temporary thing both schools should use their old uniforms till the children grew out of them or left school. So at least the parents did not have to unnecessarily pay for new uniforms.

I did wonder at the time if this would lead to some parents buying a new uniform anyway and so lead to the possibility of problems with some children in new uniforms while others were still in the old uniform. Children can be cruel about such things.

As for the very high cost of school uniforms I suppose one answer is to do away with school uniforms completely and I can well cuess to the reaction on this Forum to such a suggestion.

  wee eddie 11:39 13 Mar 2018

Cymro: School Uniforms are, you may not believe it, a cost saving measure.

Kids can be amazingly prone to transient fashion whims. One day they all need to wear this stuff. Next day they are after something else. Fashion wear is not cheap. The cost of a fashionable jacket can be many time that of a School Blazer and kids can be really mean to someone who is not keeping up with the changes.

Uniforms are the cheaper option, believe me.

  oresome 12:05 13 Mar 2018

If you think that's expensive Blueone12, wait till they go to university. The bank of mum and dad doesn't stop being raided until they are in their forties and by then with any luck you'll have the grandkids to spend your hard earned on.

  Forum Editor 13:41 13 Mar 2018


"My son moved schools 8 times in 14 years (and still managed to win a university place which he turned down!)."

I attended exactly the same number of schools (I accepted my university place) because of my father's RAF life. The number of schools isn't important, it's what you get out of the experience that counts.

  caccy 16:03 13 Mar 2018

canarieslover I was in the exactly same situation in 1953. Passed the 11 plus and my school uniform was purchased with Provy cheques (Provident Insurance used to sell these which could be used rather like book tokens BUT you had to pay back weekly and interest was added).

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