The cost of later life social care

  oresome 08:35 19 May 2017

Should it be financed collectively through taxation or by stripping the assets of those unfortunate individuals who need it?

  wee eddie 23:22 04 Jun 2017

One day, it's more/less money for us old Codgers. Next day it's more/less money for the Police.

The reality is that regardless of how much Tax is raised. There is insufficient to fund everything that one has promised to carry out. The art is in how one explains ones failure to perform all the feats that one included in ones Manefesto

  oresome 08:14 05 Jun 2017

It seems perverse to me to on the one hand raise the inheritance tax threshold and on the other, charge the individual for in-home healthcare.

If we have a NHS, free at the point of delivery it should cover all situations and be financed by general taxation which includes inheritance tax.

Whilst it's natural for parents to want to pass wealth on, it hardly makes for a fairer society in the future and is somewhat tied to the vagaries of the property market.

  Burn-it 12:25 08 Jun 2017

It is not paid for by tax, it is paid for by NATIONAL INSURANCE contributions. Even if you opt out, you only opt out of the added pension part and not the part that pays for the NHS.

  wee eddie 12:28 08 Jun 2017

Burn-it, that suggests that National Insurance is hypothecated. it is not. National Insurance is just another tax

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