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The cost of later life social care

  oresome 08:35 19 May 2017

Should it be financed collectively through taxation or by stripping the assets of those unfortunate individuals who need it?

  morddwyd 09:28 19 May 2017

It doesn't affect me at the moment because I'm in Scotland, though it might when independence comes (I'll be an immigrant!)

What concerns me is that I worked long and hard, and made a lot of sacrifices (as did my wife) tu ensure a comfortable retirement, and now I may be expected to lose it all while my contemporaries, who spent every penny as soon as they got it on bppze, birds and baccy will be taken care of for nothing.

Advice to today's youngsters? Don't save for old age.

  Govan1x 09:36 19 May 2017

lot of fall out about it as it is becoming known now as the dementia tax. But of course it covers other illnesses as well.

So many forum members on here think it is a good idea. Most of the country does not.

I have to class the PM as a bit of an idiot why would she actually come out with cuts like that and foxhunting when there was no need to and will probably cost the party a lot of votes.

This not just a tax on the old but on everyone who is ill and all that support them.

So yes through taxation would be the best bet where everyone pays if it has to happen would be the best choice.

Just another Tory tax that will hit those that cannot afford it. methinks she will have to backtrack on it as some of her own MP's are against it as well.

If you are ill you are ill and it should be covered by the NHS service as it has always been done.

Unfortunately if the Tory party win by a big majority we can expect more cuts to services that were always part of the National health service.

I would imagine that some of those thinking of voting for the Tory party in the election may just change their minds now.

Even Jeremy Corbyn as PM has to be better than a Tory government that that does not care about the health of the country.

  Govan1x 09:38 19 May 2017

Not sure why that came out the way it did all jumbled up. Mistake on my part most likely.

  HondaMan 10:47 19 May 2017

morddwyd: IF and when you need social care, what you have gained in life will not matter to you. Govan1x: No, it's not "Just another Tory tax".

Most of us work hard all outlives to ensure a good standard of life when we retire. As our independence declines we will all need more support, whether that is in the form of medical attention or some other means is immaterial. The question is why should those that can afford to pay for it not do so and simply build up their estate for their off-spring to benefit. You have worked all your life so that YOU may enjoy retirement - not your children. I consider wealth to be "personal" not dynastic.

I agree with raising the threshold from about £23k to £100k, but that will not prevent those that have nothing from receiving the same basic care as a millionaire

Raise it through taxation? I don't think so. That would place at least part of the burden of your care in, say, Northampton, on someone living in Cornwall. What's fair about that?

  Govan1x 11:35 19 May 2017


Unfortunately the Tory party does not listen they brought in the poll tax which was a disaster. Then they brought in the bedroom tax which was the same and now they are trying to bring in a health tax which will be as big a disaster as the poll tax.

They never learn. They drop the tax of the rich then expect the poorer to make it up.

All I can say is by all means those of you that do not mind paying it carry on. You just do not have a clue as to how hard it is going to hurt others. But as long as you are all right why worry about it.

  Cymro. 12:23 19 May 2017

Generally speaking I very much think that care in our old age should like the NHS be paid for out of general taxation. As for those who have more than the majority then why should they not pay more in tax from each according to his means to each according to his needs etc.

As for my children inheritance well they are more then capable of looking after their own needs. It may be selfish but I rather believe in living for today and let tomorrow look after itself.

  rickf 13:19 19 May 2017

I am glad they have shown their true colours and shot themselves in the foot at the same time.

  bumpkin 14:02 19 May 2017

As for those who have more than the majority then why should they not pay more in tax

They do.

  Flak999 14:37 19 May 2017

It seems a big mistake to me! This link makes interesting reading, it is the older generation that turns out to vote in their droves. If the Conservatives are going to start hitting this demographic hard then I think they are committing electoral suicide.

I have voted in every election since I turned 18, and in all but two of those elections I have voted Conservative, however based on what I have seen and heard about this Tory manifesto I shall either spoil my ballot or not vote at all this time.

I certainly cannot vote for a party that intends to strip my son of his inheritance if I need to go into a nursing home, and will penalise me by dropping the triple lock on the state pension and remove my winter fuel payments!

I suggest Mrs May has a bit of a rethink about this and remembers who it is that votes for her party!

  wee eddie 14:44 19 May 2017

I can see no reason why the rest of the population should pay all your living expenses if one becomes ** in old age.

The NHS should, I think, only pick up the Medical Tab, the rest is your responsibility.

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