Cost of Flights & there "Add-On's"

  tein 20:17 01 Sep 2009

Terrible! my wife & son book a holiday to Ecuador & here is the breakdown! what seems like a decent price of £875.00 becomes MUCH more here's why!

Ticket price 500.00 (Adult) 375.00 (Child)
Fuel surcharge 137.00 137.00
UK air passenger duty 40.00 40.00
Passenger service charge 13.20 13.20
Security charge 12.40 12.40
Passenger service charge 10.60 10.60
Netherlands noise isolation charge 3.40 3.40
Ecuador security fee 1..80 1.80

Price (per passenger) 718.40 593.40

Number of passengers 1 1

Credit card surcharge GBP 8.00

Total price GBP 1,319.80

  spuds 20:48 01 Sep 2009

£1.319.80 is about the right 'economy' price nowadays, depending at the time of year travel will take place.

At least there doesn't seem to be a charge for using the toilet, like a certain budget air travel company might introduce.

The last time that I went to Ecuador, was via Miami,Panama,Bogota, Popyan then Quito. Ho happy days and memories.

  lofty29 22:07 01 Sep 2009

Could be a lot worse, just after WW1 the cost of a flight from UK to Paris was the equivalent of £ todays money.

  Forum Editor 23:30 01 Sep 2009

not a bad price for Ecuador.

  oldbeefer2 09:33 02 Sep 2009

...the add-ons should be included in the published ticket price. I recently booked flights with BMI from Brum to Nice; quoted at £29 each way. by the time all the bits were added on it came to over £150 each return.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:23 02 Sep 2009

last time I flew to Quito via Houston (7 years ago) the price was £699 for one person. You are getting it cheap stop whinging.


  jack 10:45 02 Sep 2009

of goods and services, where the primary seller tries to make their price compare favorably against competition.
So they have a choice- simply sell 'all in' knowing the external 'add ons' are going to be similar for all.
Or do a breakdown, showing that their 'base price' is competitive and all the rest is compulsory applying to all.
Of course they could load the 'add ons' to make up a potential loss I guess

Which is a simlar sitaution to my comment in
click here

  tein 11:08 02 Sep 2009


Im moaning due to the ticket price was advertised at £875.00 It was when we went to pay for it & £875 suddenley became more than £1300.00.? dont ask me to "Stop whinging" as you put it thats hundreds of pounds differant! im not sure of your finacial staus but in mine thats a hell of a lot of money! & its the way the company's advertise these prices they should be showing the REAL price after all the additions..

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:17 02 Sep 2009

You were made aware of the full price before you paid, so you had a chance to decline their offer. It is still considerably cheaper than 7 years ago (and that ticket was the cheapest that I could find)..bargain. I'm sure that you would know by now that when any travel operator advertises '£250 for 2 weeks in Mauritius etc.' that the chances of you getting this price due to oneropus restrictions, are virtually nil.


  Kaacee 12:51 02 Sep 2009

All that tein was trying to do was show what the advertised price of a flight can escalate to when all the extras are added on, I find that the usual "regular" contributors to this forum then decide to show extreme rudeness to him.

I for one can see exactly what his point is and it is high time the "CORRECT" figure was shown at the outset by these companys.

  tein 15:23 02 Sep 2009

Gudlucker! THANKYOU!! its so nice to have some "Level Headed" replies! Thankx for your support!" much Appreciated!

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