The correct fitting for CO2

  bumpkin 18:46 06 Aug 2014

Can anyone tell me the correct fitting to connect to a CO2 cylinder. In the past I have used an anticlockwise thing about 20mm. The one I have now has something like 15mm connection but I cant find a thread that fits.

  Forum Editor 22:29 06 Aug 2014

Please take care. CO2 is bottled under pressure, and many people have suffered serious injury messing about with connectors.

  wee eddie 22:29 06 Aug 2014

Bumpkin: It depends on what the CO2 is for

  wee eddie 22:46 06 Aug 2014

What I can not understand is that you haven't got a connection with pressure gauges and regulators, which is why I asked what it is for

  bumpkin 10:05 07 Aug 2014

wee eddie, I wish to use CO2 as a freezing agent, something I have done in the past and have the appropriate kit. Not used it for years but as I remember the kit screwed directly onto the gas bottle. I obtained a replacement full bottle about 8yrs ago and have not wished to use it until now. I find that the kit does not have the same connector as required by the new bottle. Possibly the original had an adaptor of some kind although I can't see the purpose of that. If that was the case then it certainly was not big enough to have been a regulator.

  bumpkin 14:59 07 Aug 2014

Had a closer examination of the thread on the outlet valve, it looks exactly like 1/2" MI but 1/2" FI will not fit so it is not. Also it is a normal RH screw thread and not LH as I originally thought. Looking on the web for info I have failed to find out what the thread is called or where to get a fitting, something that I would have thought would be simple, perhaps it is me that is simple:-))

  wee eddie 16:05 07 Aug 2014

My guess is that because of the age of the kit, its thread is Imperial and the Bottle's Thread is Metric.

Sorry, no solution though.

  bumpkin 16:41 07 Aug 2014

wee eddie, thanks for the reply. Further research says it is Whitworth 0.869 x 14 TPI which I understand, just a matter of finding a connector now which I should be able to do, thanks for trying to help .

  bumpkin 17:42 07 Aug 2014

Having no luck here, I require W 0.860 x 14 PTI female connector (BS 341 No8) to go to anything with a standard thread as used in plumbing.

  spuds 18:37 07 Aug 2014

Not saying its going to be the answer, but I would suggest you try somewhere like Machine Mart or the local trade counter specialising in this type of product.

With regards to pressurised cylinders. I once witnessed the aftermath of an incident involving a cylinder 'going-off'. Not a very pleasant sight. Took a wall down and killed a person.

  bumpkin 19:16 07 Aug 2014

spuds, thanks for the advice. Being realistic there must be millions of CO2 bottles in use so why can I not find a connector.

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