The correct fitting for CO2

  bumpkin 18:46 06 Aug 2014

Can anyone tell me the correct fitting to connect to a CO2 cylinder. In the past I have used an anticlockwise thing about 20mm. The one I have now has something like 15mm connection but I cant find a thread that fits.

  Aitchbee 18:59 06 Aug 2014

bumpkin - I'm sure your local pub barmaid/barman will probably be able to help you out there - as they've gotto 'change cylinders' every-now-and-then to keep the beer bubblin' away.

  Aitchbee 19:08 06 Aug 2014

There's nothing worse than a flat pint-o-lager!

  bumpkin 20:16 06 Aug 2014

A good suggestion HB but not being on benefits I cannot afford to go to the pub everyday :-))

  bumpkin 20:28 06 Aug 2014

There seems to be more than one which surprises me hence the question.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:42 06 Aug 2014

what are you connecting it to?

Anticlockwise thing? Yes gas bottles have a left hand thread (except oxygen if I remember rightly)

  bumpkin 21:03 06 Aug 2014

FB , anti clockwise ie LH thread and odd size in the past. I think it is now 1/2" MI but only tried a 15mm which is slightly different. I think a FE 1/2" X 15mm may do it.

  bumpkin 21:03 06 Aug 2014

Edit FI not FE

  wee eddie 21:26 06 Aug 2014

What on earth are you trying to connect the CO2 Cylinder too.

It would help to know

  Aitchbee 21:45 06 Aug 2014

bumpkin, slightly off subject ... I remember when all telephone exchanges [in days gone by] used to have rows of large torpedo-sized-grey-coloured cylinders of compressed air [possibly Carbon Dioxide] fitted with long tubes,valves 'n' fancy pressure gauges to all the main air-filled underground communication cables.If the air-flow from any of these 'bottles' increased by a certain amount then alarm bells would start ringing in the exchange indicating a major cable fault potentially affecting many hundreds of subscribers but thanks to the early warning alarm in the exchange this calamity was usually avoided by the expert fault-locatin' skills of the u/g maintenance telecomm engineers.

  bumpkin 21:48 06 Aug 2014

Wee eddie, I just want to know the fitting required. Which I now think is a simple 1/2 FI but wont know until I try it.

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