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Coronavirus: Northern Italy quarantines 16 million

  Cymro. 11:04 08 Mar 2020

BBC link

So is it us or is it the Italians who have got it right then?

  Quickbeam 14:11 08 Mar 2020

They have several thousand cases.

  Dunk 15:08 08 Mar 2020

Maybe our good old English pluck and stiff upper lips will see us through this crisis, as it has before!!

Don't panic.

  Pine Man 15:20 08 Mar 2020

If you're thinking of booking a holiday look no further than Macao, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Each has only had one case and that is no longer active. They are Coronavirus free!!

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  Quickbeam 16:24 08 Mar 2020

"Maybe our good old English pluck and stiff upper lips will see us through this crisis, as it has before!!"

No not that, but now that were no longer part of Europe, we're safe from all European threats...

  john bunyan 19:17 08 Mar 2020

Who can predict where this pandemic will be next? I would have thought that in the interest of not having to cancel, folk could forgo foreign travel for a year or so? Also it would be a gesture towards reducing global warming, as is the collapse of FlyBe .

  Quickbeam 19:55 08 Mar 2020

I'm not convinced that we're ready to revert to '60s style seaside holidays spent shivering on the beach or huddling from the rain in one of those open 4 sided shelters!

  Quickbeam 20:51 09 Mar 2020

Italy now goes into total lockdown.

But this link gives the total number of infected globally as under 120,000

I'm struggling to see why we're in such a panic.

  Forum Editor 23:08 09 Mar 2020

"I'm struggling to see why we're in such a panic."

We're reacting to what is going to become a serious problem - this virus has already killed 4000 people, and it is going to kill a lot more as the infection rate gathers momentum.

What we need to do is fight it in every way we can, and hope we can keep it in check as much as possible until the arrival of warmer weather, when it is hoped it will subside. Then, next winter it will possibly (even probably) return. By then of course we'll have a vaccine, but what happens if it mutates in the same way that flu mutates?

I think that by and large our government has reacted pretty sensibly. In a couple of weeks they'll ramp up the advice on self isolation, asking anyone with even a mild respiratory infection to stay at home for at least seven days in a bid to slow the rate of infection.

In the 21st century the biggest threats to humanity are perhaps going to be killer viruses that are spread around the globe in a matter of weeks by air travelers. Increased mobility comes at a price.

  john bunyan 10:04 10 Mar 2020


I congratulate you on your cycling efforts! A hardy soul like you would surely find a UK holiday that Is pleasant regardless of weather?

The few of us around who lived in WW2 remember rationing, beaches closed etc but actually thrived on a diet that avoided obesity. I’m not saying we should be that extreme but a year of no foreign holidays and a reduction in consumption is surely a small price to pay

  Quickbeam 06:54 14 Mar 2020

New government Coronavirus strategy...

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