cork handle on fly rods been attacked

  dukeboxhero 17:23 21 May 2010

Hi forum members ,i have a bit of a problem with my beloved fly rod and i hope someone out there can help, because of a slipped disc and the Scottish weather i have not been able to go out fishing the last two years, my fly rod is kept in the garage in a cardboard tube, last week i decided to fishing only to find the cork handle of my fishing rod had been attacked by what looks like wood worm ,i have now moved the rod indoors ,What i need to know is any tips to stop this problem getting worst and is there anyway i can treat this ,

  ronalddonald 17:36 21 May 2010

the wood or cork area would have be treated with some kind of damp proof solution.

I would get someone to pop along to the nearest DIY and get some kind of treatment solution get the area sprayed as soon as possible

After treatment the cork may not be as soft as it use to be. You could try wood varnish but tit will get very hard

  wee eddie 17:36 21 May 2010

the woodworm have gone

  carver 17:41 21 May 2010

You can have the cork replaced, it's not a big job to do.

Just strip the old cork off the handle then replace with new ones, you can buy them from any decent tackle shop.

If you don't want to do that then just soak the handle in a solution of bleach, that should kill off any thing on it or in it.

  Brumas 17:43 21 May 2010

Not a fisherman myself but perhaps these people may be able to advise you? click here it's worth an email?

  ton 21:10 21 May 2010

Plenty of info here
click here

  BRYNIT 22:32 21 May 2010

A google search found a few thread that may help click here=

If you do a search of ebay it will give you a selection of cork handles.

  Forum Editor 22:39 21 May 2010

It's a fairly easy job, and a satisfying one. If you take care you'll be able to make a handle that looks every bit as good as the original.

The cork comes in segments which you glue in place, and then sand to a suitably comfortable profile.

  dukeboxhero 23:33 21 May 2010

thanks everyone for your information, i didnt know you could replace the cork handle yourself and for that i am grateful,This looks like the option i am going to take as i have had this rod for over ten years and i would hate to replace it
again thanks for all your advise,

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