Corbyn to become CND vice-president

  Quickbeam 07:36 17 Oct 2015

That strikes me as being on a par with an abattoir manager being invited to become president of the local vegan society...

A contradiction too far!

  bremner 07:41 17 Oct 2015

Corbyn has always been anti nuclear weapons and has already said if PM would never authorise their use. So if there is a problem it is with those who voted into his position not Corbyn.

  spuds 09:40 17 Oct 2015

To me Corbyn as always been in the same 'donkey jacket' camp as Foot, and I don't think that he as made a claim otherwise.

Anti this- Anti that, and the proof of the pudding or his claims, will be on the day he is declared Prime Minister. Which is very highly unlikely.

I have suggested before, and I still hold the view, that the Labour Party only intended Corbyn's reign to be short-term, and not a long term venture. And I am still of the opinion that the 'other brother' is in the running for the next Labour Party leader, or gallant knight.

  Ungus 10:46 18 Oct 2015

Who cares Labour are finished in my part of the world and the branch office may have to close.

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