Copyright infringment enforcement by the USA

  robgf 19:52 20 Jan 2012

I was reading the story about the Megaupload site being closed down by US authorities and the recent extradition story about Richard O'Dwyer and wondered if the US authorities pursue home grown sites with equal vigour.

It seems strange to me, that Youtube, which is full of copyrighted music videos and TV clips, hasn't been closed down. And Google, full of links to copyrighted material, it even has a cached version of my web site, which breaks copyright law. Why don't we see the head of Google handcuffed in front of an American court.

It is interesting to see that the law seems to be selectively applied, depending on who you are.

  lotvic 21:31 20 Jan 2012

That's food for thought. You have a point there.

  Condom 00:08 21 Jan 2012

All the SPAM I get comes from North America or should I say originates from there. But of course they like to think that they rule the world.

  carver 09:02 24 Jan 2012

It isn't just Megaupload, Filesonic has closed it's sharing facility as well and it seems that more will follow.

My daughter has a lot of videos on the Filesonic site to share with friends, all legitimate but now nobody can access them.

Theres no explanation just FileSonic are now showing the message: "All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

The Independent

As for Richard O'Dwyer he hasn't even committed an offence in this Country but he hasn't got Google to back him up or it's influence.

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