Cooking appliances and power saving

  jack 08:35 27 Sep 2008

An opinion sought.

In this house the standard cooking arrangements are as in many - Gas Oven/Hob/Grill supplemented with a basic - Power setting plus mechanical timeer Microwave-
In addition to herself I can use the kit with fair efficiency, and have been called a innovative type of cook - No recipes for me.

Then last Saturday herself went to bed and - simply did not wake up on Sunday.

So among all the other things that hit after 51 years together is the thought -as distraction from other thoughts and tasks.-How can I simplify the catering for one and save fuel costs
The thought is abandon the gas cooker and replace the basic Microwave with a Micro/Oven/Grill combi
Would this then be more economical?
Any experience anyone.

  Forum Editor 08:40 27 Sep 2008

Please accept our sincere condolences.

I'm not qualified to advise about cooker economy, but I'm sure there'll be someone who can.

Best wishes for the future, I imagine you need all the distractions you can get at the moment.

  rdave13 11:13 27 Sep 2008

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences.

Many years ago bought one of these microwaves that work out the weight/cooking times of poultry, beef etc and didn't bother to try it for some time. Cooked the sunday roast in the oven as usual.
Had a go at cooking a chicken in it one day and never looked back. Ok the skin isn't crisp but the meat is excellent and a 1.5kg chicken takes about 30 mins to cook!
Beef also cooks well in it and takes little time. I've saved a lot of electricity over the years. Never used the oven bit of it though.

  rdave13 11:21 27 Sep 2008

Last sentence should have been, never used the oven/grill combi bit.

  spuds 11:27 27 Sep 2008

Please accept my sincere condolences.

I can only suggest that you contact one of the government or local council's energy advice outlets. They should have details or direct contacts that you require. Our local council's energy advice centre sends out questionnaires covering a number of cost saving and other suggestions. On return of the completed form, either by mail or 'drop-in' facility, an expert will do various calculations and recommendations.

Another route could be something like Age Concern, Help the Aged etc, who might have advisers or suitable contacts freely available.

  Brumas 12:26 27 Sep 2008

Please accept our condolences.

  peter99co 12:43 27 Sep 2008

Very sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences.

I had a friend who did all his cooking in one go and put everthing in the freezer with a Day Label on. He cooked on a Friday and the rest of the week he Microwaved from the freezer.

I used a Infrared Fan Assisted cooker. It looks like a big glass casserole with a Air heater in the lid. It is quicker than a normal oven and can cook a complete meal in one go. Cost around £30/40

My favorite is a Slow Cooker because in winter it makes superb casseroles and stews, using only the same electricity as a lightbulb. Cheap as chips.

  Bingalau 13:26 27 Sep 2008

jack. My condolences to you too. Like you I am cooking for myself now but find no difficulty in that. I use the hob supplemented by the microwave. Mind you I haven't taken cost in to account yet.

  wiz-king 14:32 27 Sep 2008

Stick with what you know, I would add an small electric slow cooker for doing strews this winter. Much more economical than the oven.
click here get a small one or you will be eating the same stew for a week!

  jack 16:45 27 Sep 2008

Never quite got around to it -perhaps I may
I like a good ol'stew.
In fact only yesterday I looked at all the veg and made a massive Ratatouille
Canned toms - but from there on- pepper-onion-garlic- black olive-sweet potato-regular potato- in fact if it was loose green red or yellow with a stalk it went in
Then I spent 20 minutes routing out from the recycle glass box - some large 200g coffee jars- pickle jar- then another 20 mins head down in the main recycle bin retrieving lids- potted it all up.
A pot each to the daughters and a pot for me

  WhiteTruckMan 17:13 27 Sep 2008

I'm sorry too for your loss. May you always remember the glad times as well as the sad times.

Regarding economical cooking, you can save a lot just by remembering to use the lid of a pan.


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