morddwyd 16:20 04 Jan 2010

I tried to get on to the RSPB website this morning, but was refused access unless I enabled cookies.

Now obviously anyone can place whatever restriction they want on their own site, but I'm a bit surprised that a charity such as the RSPB does so.

I might have been wanting to join, or to make a donation (I actually wanted to make a purchase, which I have now made elsewhere) and to make this subject to cookie acceptance is, to say the least, a bit short sighted and probably counter productive.

  wiz-king 16:57 04 Jan 2010

I would think that most computer users would have cookies enabled anyway.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:09 04 Jan 2010

There are much more important things in life to mull over and worrying about enabling cookies is not one of them. Only the truly paranoid would not have cookies enabled.


  BT 17:26 04 Jan 2010

After all if you don't want Cookies stored on your computer you can delete all them every time you run CCleaner, or certainly those that you don't want to keep.

  morddwyd 20:10 04 Jan 2010

I think I have failed to make my point clear.

I was suggesting that a charity telling people, in effect, that they must accept cookies in order to make an on line donation is counter productive.

Of course I accept cookies. I would find it a bit inconvenient visiting this forum two or three times a day if I did not.

However, I sometimes choose not to accept them from certain sites.

If that makes me paranoid, so be it.

  Covergirl 20:59 04 Jan 2010

Had a good general browse around the RSPB site including going to the Make a Donation and Join parts without being asked to accept a single cookie.
I might be wary of accepting cookies from a 'dodgy' site but I have never had reason to turn them off and never had any problems.

Let doubleclick et al have what they want - it don't hurt or affect me.

  mrwoowoo 21:35 04 Jan 2010

Some people may not know how to lower their security setings or give website permissions, as not everyone is PC literate.
Rather than Google or ask on a forum, some people just wouldn't bother.
Bye bye donation.
morddwyd has a valid point.

  cycoze 21:49 04 Jan 2010

You have answered the question yourself....

To purchase anything you would need cookies enabled so the site could remember what you were ordering, also so you could join and not have to log in each visit etc

I keep my cookies for PCA so I don't have to log in every visit, way to much hassle putting a username and password umpteen times every day, times that by umpteen different sites.

Nothing nefarious with the RSPB wanting cookies enabled.

  Forum Editor 23:44 04 Jan 2010

in their browser, but honestly it's not necessary - cookies are harmless.

I don't personally know of a single case where someone's security has been compromised because of a cookie. Lots of sites want to set a cookie, for a variety of reasons, and I wouldn't think of disallowing one.

If you really can't bear the idea, just disallow third-party cookies. Even those won't harm you, but they can result in your internet travels being tracked by an advertiser. It's not likely though.

  Graham. 00:02 05 Jan 2010

You could always use Cookie Wall click here but it's a pain.

  sunnystaines 04:26 05 Jan 2010

unless they are picked up as tracking cookies there is nothing to worry about.

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