cookie optout option

  N47. 00:15 31 May 2012

Anyone used the option at the top of the page labeled cookie options?

I was surprised at the number of tracking cookies the site has. Opted out of 36 but quite a few you cannot opt out of.

  wiz-king 08:22 31 May 2012

I looked at them - thought long and hard ('till the kettle boiled) then had coffee. Did I get my priorities right?

  john bunyan 09:05 31 May 2012

I use CCleaner daily, have a couple of ad blockers in "Tools/Safety/Tracking protection" (w7, IE9) and use DNT+ that blocks trackers, so I do not do anything else.

  Condom 11:38 31 May 2012

I just tried it again this morning as it didn't seem to do anything yesterday. It showed 4 which I opted out of but DNT was showing 15 it was blocking. Who knows if it will make much difference in the big scheme of things but hopefully it will "do no harm" which is something I do agree with.

  finerty 11:57 31 May 2012

Call on this guy he sort them out

going cookie

  VCR97 19:41 31 May 2012

It produces nothing but a blank page.

  ams4127 20:06 31 May 2012

I just blocked everything!

  rdave13 20:07 31 May 2012

This is what I'm getting,

"Your browser does not allow third party cookies

It appears that your browser is blocking some or all 3rd Party cookies, which may affect your ability to opt-out of certain companies. Blocking will prevent third parties from setting tracking cookies in your browser, though it will not prevent them from reading previously set cookies. To ensure there are no tracking cookies set you can flush your browser's cookie storage in browser settings.

When you use this opt-out tool, TRUSTe sends your opt-out requests to the companies you selected who place cookies in your browser to save your opt-out preference. If you would like to set opt-out preferences using this tool you must allow cookies in your browser settings."

So I'm blocking the cookie that will block the cookies I'm already blocking. I think.

  rdave13 18:52 01 Jun 2012

Sorry to harp on about these cookies as I don't really understand what's going on. I use DNTP and the browser's Tracking protection. So I ran SAS and it came up with Eyewonder cookie. So I went to Eyewonder's site and under their 'privacy' link opted-out of receiving their cookies. This is what shows,

" Users always have the right to control whether or not they wish to receive cookies served by EyeWonder. If a user would like to control the use of EyeWonder cookies for the purpose of serving rich media or targeted advertising, then the user can click on the appropriate Opt-In or Opt-Out link below. Users that have previously opted-out and would like to opt back in to receiving rich media or targeted advertising served by EyeWonder can click on the Opt-In link below.

You are currently Opted-Out"

So far so good. I then removed the cookies via SAS. Browsed a bit more on the forum and then ran SAS again and back came Eyewonder's cookies. Went back to the site and I was still shown as opted-out.

I can understand that if I has closed the browser and re-opened it, or even rebooted, these cookies would have been back but it seems opting-out doesn't mean much if the cookies are still present.

  VCR97 19:42 01 Jun 2012

I still get a blank page.

  rdave13 20:17 01 Jun 2012

Deleted quarantine in SAS and now no cookies showing. Possibly a SAS problem or it takes longer to opt-out rather than the default opt-in.

VCR97, puzzled why the page is blank in your browser.

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