conveyancing fee, expensive??

  rickf 14:32 11 May 2010

Hi All,
How much did you pay for the above on the sale of your property recently. I was quoted £795+Vat by my solicitor which I thought was a bit much. Seems I might safe a couple of hundred if I shop around. Went to him because he is near and did the conveyancing for when I bought my place 10 yrs ago. Asking price for my place is around £350000/£360000. Any opinions??

  bremner 14:54 11 May 2010

Sounds about right. Moved last August and my total solicitors fees were just short of £2k

  Woolwell 14:56 11 May 2010

There isn't a straight answer to this as it depends on how complicated the sale/purchase is and therefore how much work is required. It is important to get a good one rather than one near and cheap as conveyancing mistakes can lead to nightmares.

  peter99co 15:06 11 May 2010
  peter99co 15:09 11 May 2010

click here

The UK Conveyancing Process (selling)

  spuds 15:38 11 May 2010

I can never understand how conveyance fees can vary from one solicitor's practice to another, for basically the same type of property and work involved, that is usually undertaken by office staff initially.

  Diemmess 16:05 11 May 2010

The choice is yours.
Most solitor's main income is from conveyancing, There are prestigious ones where you pay the price of the thick carpet and fancy lighting and shady ones obviously best avoided.

In between are the average local practices where quotes vary so much.

Best of all, if you can find them, are those who at least appear to have your interests paramount.
These are the ones who spot a possible snag and explain to you what can be done to prevent trouble.

It doesn't figure strongly at present with interest rates so low, but have you noticed that completion is always on a Friday? This means your money is in their account over the weekend before appearing on the vendors a/c

  knockin on 16:32 11 May 2010

Some companies specialise, I believe

click here

  ronalddonald 16:35 11 May 2010

A solicitor will choose the fee not you for the this type of work thee is no comparison or law to say they have to be the same amount across the network of practicing solicitors.

  rickf 17:09 11 May 2010

Thanks all for your considered contributions to my question. I chose this solicitor as I have had dealings with her before as said and did find her to have my interests at heart. I was just a bit shocked by the fee she quoted me. As pointed out, and I agree, matters relating to title of property is of paramount importnace. I have therefore decided to go with her. Many thanks all.

  rickf 17:11 11 May 2010

cont'd, instead of saving a few quid and end up buying a nightmare. It's a firm on my High S and has been around for over 40 yrs under the same partnership.

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