The controversial selling of memorabilia.

  LastChip 10:51 07 Apr 2018

Facebook has been asked to ban Nazi memorabilia from it's market place.

I want to make it very clear, I have no interest in owning that type of stuff and do not in any way condone or have any sympathy for the Nazis.

But here's my problem. Like it or not, the second world war is part of history and along with it, the Nazi war machine. There will always be people who find it interesting, even fascinating and who want to own part of history. There are hundreds - if not thousands of films and books produced chronicling the second world war including the rise and fall of the Nazis. Do we try and ban them? No.

Are we in danger of going over the top with this movement towards banning anything that seems to upset a sector of the community? Or should we just say, look, it's part of history, everyone understands it's an evil part, but it's not going away.

It's a bit like health and safety, unquestionably, it's done a superb job of cutting accidents drastically in the work place - particularly on building sites. But sometimes, it's definitely over the top. Is that where we are now with Nazi memorabilia?

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  Cymro. 11:09 07 Apr 2018

Personally I have no problem with selling this sort of stuff but perhaps those older than myself who may have suffered at the hands of the Nazis may feel very differently about such things.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:31 07 Apr 2018

I think there is too much of the trying to run away and hide from our history these days. You can't change history by trying to hide it, you can improve the future by learning from it.

In Bristol there has been much fuss about the slave trade with people seeming to think it will go away if they change the names of a few buildings.

  Al94 20:44 07 Apr 2018

IRA memorabilia is openly sold on a well know auction site and nets Sinn Fein hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. I'm sure there are others equally offensive. click here

  wee eddie 21:13 07 Apr 2018

Damnit, and I was planning to go to Harry & Megan's wedding dressed as an SS Staff Officer

  bumpkin 21:22 07 Apr 2018

* wee eddie* I was planning to go to Harry & Megan's wedding dressed as an SS Staff Officer

Be pleased you got an invitation, best respect the dress code.

  wee eddie 21:39 07 Apr 2018

Don't worry, I'd not forget the Medals

  Quickbeam 05:22 08 Apr 2018

Facebook has been asked by who?

  Quickbeam 05:23 08 Apr 2018

Didn't spot the link at first glance...

  Forum Editor 11:37 08 Apr 2018

There is an entire generation of people who were not alive when the Second World War Nazi atrocities were committed, and some of them are the people who are now buying the memorabilia that are the subject of this ban.

Lots of them probably don't understand the horror that attaches to the subject in the minds of those whose forebears were murdered by Nazis in what is referred to as The Holocaust, although some of them do and couldn't care less. They are certainly not buying Nazi souvenirs because they want to learn about history.

Feelings still run high, and as the BBC news item says, "There is no specific UK law preventing the sale of Nazi memorabilia, but most major auction houses and online shopping sites have policies preventing it."

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