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  smudge101 16:00 02 Dec 2005

I have been reading over some of the old posts re linux and was amazed with the depth of feeling there is over this subject.

There are some members here who seem to rubbish Linux as a viable operating system at every turn Gandalf, Bremner and even the FE! I was quite surprised by this as I thought this was a forum for PCs not just windows.

I am particularly alarmed by some of the FE’s past comments on the subject, I was under the impression that a moderator was there to moderate impartially and not to sway opinion. Although I respect his/her knowledge and help provided to users of this forum, I find some of the remarks passed quite offensive to Linux users. For this reason I can forsee my time in this forum is numbered.

I feel that we need to get our feeling regarding Linux into some sort of perspective. PC stands for personal computer and it is up to the user which operating system they prefer to use based on their own circumstances. Misinformation and extreme bias can only be a bad thing.

To call Linux users ‘Hippies’ or to suggest to use Linux you need “to grow a beard and your hair long, wear a tank top and talk in geek speak” (quotes kept anon) is not helpful to anybody.

Is Linux a viable alternative to Windows? The answer is yes, the problem is choosing the correct distribution for your level of expertise.

I have used Xandros open circulation edition for the last two years and it is at least as easy to install as any version of windows I have ever used (which is all of them) in addition it is a fully GUI environment that is no more difficult than XP to use. Sure, for the more advanced user you always have the command line options which allow you to do most anything you wish but my point is it is a viable replacement or first operating system, I am sorry to offend you anti Linuxites.

It would be well worth noting here that I am not anti MS, I use XP at work and apart from finding it a bit restrictive, I have no gripes at all.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:14 02 Dec 2005

This is a forum foe discussion and it is not one of the many 'back-slapping', 'hugs and kisses' or 'sweetness and light in a bad, bad world' forums that abound. It is also a good thing that there are so many differing points of view rather than a single forum where everyone agrees.

You could call it the real world. Linux is free and if you cannot even give away an operating system for home use, then you cannot even remotely call it viable.

A moderator can call the reins in if things get out of hand or too personal but coming back to the real world, he can also have a point of view. Personally I would not get the least bit worried if someone did not like XP or called me a long-haired hippy, if I did I would be seeing the quack for the real world there are much more important things to get uptight about such as the price of beer.

Thankfully this is a forum where there is a wide range of views, there are plenty of 'pat on the back' forums and if you want I can supply you with a cringe-worthy list.


  dth 17:16 02 Dec 2005

An interesting posting I thought. There are of course mant Linux magazines and forums.

Gandalf is right it is 'speakers corner' here - a place to speak your mind not toe the line.

Although in saying that the PCA magazine does seem to be the slowest to branch out to including some articles on Linux based systems. Most of the Windows based mags have started to include articles on Linux - I even saw one with an article on how to set up gentoo (which is heavy going for even an experiecened linux user).

Maybe it is the 'safety zone' approach by the editorial staff. Each to there own but can you imagine being a writer for "Windows XP" magazine - what on earth would you write about now.

Just for the record I am not claiming that Gandalf is a short haired Windows XP madman.

  Chegs ®™ 17:42 02 Dec 2005

I switched from XP to Suse 9.2 earlier this week,as XP had started requesting reactivation from my simply increasing the multiplier of my CPU.I was managing quite well,installed various hardware items but rebooted today and found that Suse no longer would play sound,Firefox had returned to 1.0.7 from 1.5,and no matter how much I'd twiddled my WiFi cards driver was not for installing.Add to this the info that there is no d/l or software to playback DVD video in any linux distro,my TV card could not be made to function and the Webcam with included mic wouldn't install either had me reaching for my recovery apps and returning to XP(which also failed to annoy me with a further request to reactivate,despite being the same image that drove me to linux in the first place)
As lots of PC users want to play games,and these are not supported under linux,that could be one reason it hasn't the following of a sizable majority.
It is very easy to install the latest distro's,just open the optical drive,insert CD/DVD and off you go with as much for the user to do as a windows user.
Its after the initial install that things get very complicated for the reasons stated.

  Haol 18:10 02 Dec 2005

I have used Auditor(for hacking and security), Red Hat 9 and Ubuntu and they are all great. A good thing about Linux distributes is that they now have Live CD's which can run the OS without instalation as it runs of your RAM. Linux distributions also allow more control over your computer. Saying that they are not even remotely viable is wrong, it depends on what you start, starting with Linux will mean that you get used to it and the same goes for Windows.

  LastChip 20:35 02 Dec 2005

I have recently ventured into (pure) Debian (on which Xandros is based and I am amazed at just how easy it has become with apt-get, to build a computer software system, that is light on resources and includes ONLY what you want.

Chegs ®™, you may wish to check out xine click here for a multi-media player that works in Linux.

In fact, with the definite exception of games, you can now find almost anything you want.

  Chegs ®™ 20:48 02 Dec 2005

I can only repeat what I found when attempting to watch a DVD,I went to Suse site where I found the message I refer to above.That still doesn't help if I cannot get the driver for WiFi card,the TV card,webcam to work,which XP carries drivers for(albeit generic ones that aren't brill,but they do work)

  smudge101 22:19 02 Dec 2005

I find all of your remarks interesting, thank you for your responses, but we seem to be going back to the old arguements which have been covered in other threads.

My main reason for starting this thread is that I feel that people should not be derided for their preference. There are ways of offering an opinion without resorting to the sort of comments that have been used in previous threads.

I think the 'Linux debate' will be going on for a long time yet, and I would be the first to comment that Linux has not done itself any favours in regard that alot of distros do not support the variety of hardware that XP does. However, their are distibutions availble to cover everybodys needs, from the beginner to the expert.

In this country we are along way behind the rest of the world on the take up of new operating systems but the influence they are having on the software market is becoming more every year.

I think it foolish to compare Microsoft and the various dedicated groups of Linux developers as there is really no comparison, especially when it comes to the amount available to spend on marketing.

Like it or not, Linux is here to stay and will only evolve more as time goes by into a more complete and user friendly group of operating systems.

Perhaps it is time for a Linux forum within PC Advisor, then at least the detractors can ignore it and leave those who wish to try something new in peace.

  Forum Editor 01:16 03 Dec 2005

you feel like posting a thread full of wildly sweeping statements I suggest that you make sure of your facts.

I use Linux on a daily basis in the course of my work, and as far as I'm aware I have never posted anything that could be construed as "quite offensive to Linux users", or been guilty of "extreme bias". I am as entitled to an opinion as anyone else, and I'll voice it whenever I like. You can do the same, but be warned - if you think you can come here alledging things that aren't true and get away with it you have another think coming.

As for "In this country we are along way behind the rest of the world on the take up of new operating systems" I've never read such nonsense in my life - where on earth did you get the statistics to back up that statement? Please post a link, so we can all see the figures for ourselves.

I the meantime I suggest that you rethink your approach to this subject, because if you come up with any more allegations that I "rubbish Linux as a viable operating system at every turn" your time in this forum may indeed be 'numbered', as you put it.

  Kev.Ifty 02:07 03 Dec 2005

smudge101 did not say you "rubbish Linux as a viable operating system at every turn"

He/She said "There are some 'members' here who..."

As for "I am particularly alarmed by some of the FE’s past comments on the subject..."

Well i think you need to take into account our sensitivities. Some of us are a bit delicate you know!

Don't shout at me :-(


  Forum Editor 07:35 03 Dec 2005

"There are some members here who seem to rubbish Linux as a viable operating system at every turn Gandalf, Bremner and even the FE!"

I think we'll leave it at that. I'm not shouting.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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