Contract killing in SW Wales

  SillBill 20:55 01 Feb 2013

In view of today's verdict of guilty on the two alleged heroin-high killers of the schoolboy Aamir Siddiqi, will the person who paid them to murder now also be charged with murder? The police know and have identified the intended victim and they allegedly also know the identity of the man who paid these so-called hitmen, that makes that person, to my way of thinking, just as guilty of murder as the two who will surely be going to prison for a very long time.

  bremner 20:59 01 Feb 2013

Of course if the police had evidencethen the person who contracted the killingwould have been charged.

Clearly the evidence is not yet sufficient.

  Forum Editor 22:48 01 Feb 2013

In this case the charge would be one of conspiracy to commit murder. If you pay someone to commit a murder you aren't guilty of murder because you don't commit the act, although on conviction you can be sentenced to life imprisonment, in which case the penalty would be the same as if you had carried out the killing yourself.

  bremner 08:35 02 Feb 2013

In a contract killing anyone concerned, killer, middle man, gun supplier, contractor would all be charged with murder if they knew the aim was murder and someone died.

  spuds 13:52 02 Feb 2013

Perhaps to bring you up to speed, look no further than the 2011 riots that swept across London and the UK, when 29 year old Mark Duggan was fatally shot by police in Tottenham North London on August 4 2011.

The gun the police found was apparently supplied by Kevin Hutchinson-Forster (30), only fifteen minutes before Mark Duggan met his fate. Hutchinson-Forster pleaded guilty "to possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and assault occasioning actual bodily harm", at the Old Bailey trial recently. He denied "selling or transferring a prohibited firearm" to Mr Duggan, which the jury failed to reach a verdict in the original trial, prompting a re-trial.

So perhaps on that, the charges were not as straight forward in bringing a possible conviction, slight changes to wording might have changed this, and possibly did on re-trial.

It was and never as been proved, that Mark Duggan obtained the firearm to carry out or arrange a revenge attack or killing over the murder of his cousin Kelvin Easton (23) who was killed in an East London nightclub in March 2011.

This particular case(s) and events brings up some rather interesting items on the subject possibly raised in this forum item!.

  Forum Editor 18:11 02 Feb 2013


"In a contract killing anyone concerned, killer, middle man, gun supplier,contractor would all be charged with murder if they knew the aim was murder and someone died."

In this case, which is what I said, the person who was murdered was not the intended victim, but a completely different person. There was no contract to kill him, and therefore the man who originated the contract cannot be charged with murder - he would, as I said, be charged with conspiring to commit the murder of the intended victim.

If I give you money to kill my milkman, and you kill a bus driver instead I cannot be charged with that murder. I can certainly be charged with conspiring with you to kill the milkman however.

  morddwyd 20:00 02 Feb 2013

If sillbill did it he'd probably not only get the wrong street, but the wrong county. Cardiff in SW Wales?

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:10 02 Feb 2013

"Cardiff in SW Wales?"

Urban sprawl?

  SillBill 20:52 02 Feb 2013

I blame the BBC, they put it online!

  bremner 11:05 03 Feb 2013


I was not contradicting you, just explaining that in a contract killing all involved, whatever their role, if they knew the intent they would be guilty of murder. Perhaps I should have used the word target instead of person. As you can see in my first post I specifically did not say the contractor would be charged with murder.

  pavvi 01:38 04 Feb 2013


It's ok, most big companies think that Cardiff is in the west of Wales so the BBC isn't alone. The whole debate over electrification of the railway lines from Paddington is going to be an interesting battleground. I live west of Cardiff - about 35 miles west of Cardiff, and that isn't truly South West Wales. Cardiff is only 30 miles inside wales and is in South East Wales, but Cross Country Rail and in the future I suspect Great Western Rail franchises will end in Cardiff. Of course real South West Wales is beyond Swansea....

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