Contactless card payment

  Kemistri 21:29 18 Nov 2008

It seems like a neat idea on the face of it, but is it secure enough?
Chip and PIN was touted as secure, but that soon proved to be optimistic.

  MAT ALAN 21:36 18 Nov 2008

click here

Don't think i'll be bothering...

  Kemistri 21:46 18 Nov 2008

Interesting article there.

I had an image of fraudsters acquiring the right device (which probably won't be too hard, based on past evidence) and scanning wallets in crowded areas, but I didn't know how close it would have to be to work. It looks like there's potential for that and more besides.

I think I'll give it a miss, too.

  interzone55 21:53 18 Nov 2008

If memory serves, this uses the same technology as Oyster Cards, and the cards used for cashless vending in many offices,.

These use Mifare RFID technology, and the low grade proprietary encryption used on these cards can be cracked in 10 minutes.

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Luckily I've cancelled my Platinum Barclaycard, not a minute too soon it seems as all these cards will have this new system when the next card is issued...

  AL47 22:31 18 Nov 2008

i dont fancy it either

PIN is just right

  Forum Editor 23:54 18 Nov 2008

The article at your link is over three years old - these cards have been in use in the UK for a year now, and I'm not aware of any increased security risk.

Millions of the cards are being used in 19 different countries, and as yet I've heard no bad reports as far as security is concerned. Issuing banks set a transaction sequence limit on these cards - after a certain number of contactless transactions you are asked for a PIN, and if you don't provide it the card is locked. When you do provide it the transaction counter resets to zero, and off you go again.

The cards are great for rapid processing of small transactions - transport fares, for example.

  nonPCman 08:52 19 Nov 2008

There are loads of really useful sites about this type of stuff. This is great on:

<A HREF="click here" title="click here" TARGET="_new"><b>Card Fraud</b></A>.

And this one is great on general <A HREF="click here" title="click here" TARGET="_new"><b>credit card information</b></A>.

Hope that helps!!

  MAT ALAN 17:28 19 Nov 2008

Sorry FE should have taken a bit more notice, there is more than one way to skin a cat and fraudsters are no exception, if they want your money bad enough they will find a way.
however it is good to see that the fight against this sort of crime is moving into new technology and i'm all for it.
Hae been using Pin sentry for some time now for online stuff, thats a good simple tool to use...

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