Consultation on raising our motorway speed limit

  TopCat® 17:48 29 Sep 2011

A consensus of opinion is to be carried out with a view to raising the speed limit up to 80 mph. Do you think it a good idea or not and why? TC.

speed limit poll

  wiz-king 18:06 29 Sep 2011

No - I am in favour of reducing it to 60ish for cars and 55 for HGV (to the nearest round KPH) so that we are in line with the rest of Europe.

  Noldi 18:17 29 Sep 2011

Rest of Europe is 130 or 120 kmh or in English 80 or 75 mph.

I say leave it as it is because a lot of drivers drive faster than 70 so this just means they would be faster than 80.


  bremner 19:04 29 Sep 2011

I am in favour of an 80mph maximum and for it to go hand in hand with variable limits and strict enforcement

  interzone55 20:36 29 Sep 2011

Yes, I'm in favour of 80mph speed limit, along with enforcement of a minimum speed limit as well, because I see many cars doing 40mph in the slow lane these days when the traffic is free moving.

It's frankly dangerous to drive so slow that lorries have to move into the middle lane to pass you.

Yesterday I was stuck behind a transit on a two lane section of the M65 that was maintaining a steady 45mph, the fast lane was clogged and no-one would let me in, when I did manage to pass him the road in front was clear, so there was no need at all to drive that slow.

  shellship 21:09 29 Sep 2011

wiz-king is not wiz as Noldi has pointed out. I am miles away from doing as our Brussels masters dictate but at least they are more sensible on this one! Accidents are caused by bad driving, not high speed.

  octal 21:27 29 Sep 2011

The M25 you can consider yourself luck if you are doing 70MPH and that goes for a lot of the other motorways in busy periods.

I think leave well alone, I do a steady 70 with the cruise control on and at times I feel like the slowest car on the road, I can imagine what its going to be like at 80 when they start doing 80-100 and things happen a lot faster at those speeds, especially when things go wrong.

  spuds 22:39 29 Sep 2011

I recall the days when car manufacturers use to test drive their cars on the M1, when in its infancy.

Looking in your wing or rear view mirror's, and seeing a car in the distance, then a few seconds later a vehicle passing at high speed, and a few seconds after that, the vehicle was gone, wasn't a very pleasant experience for the average motorist. Perhaps a big thrill for the car tester though.

But having stated that, I could never recall any reports of any accidents through that.

  Forum Editor 22:46 29 Sep 2011

"I recall the days when car manufacturers use to test drive their cars on the M1"

Many's the motorist who was passed by a brand-new Aston Martin doing well over 100mph early in the morning, on the stretch down from Newport Pagnell.

  morddwyd 07:21 30 Sep 2011

I'm not boasting, but there's something very satisfying about passing a police car at 80+ and then changing up (my BSA did 90 in third)!

Non-urban speed limits were originally introduced on fuel economy grounds, not safety.

I don't think Germany's motorway accident rate, where there is no overall limit, is significantly worse than ours, though obviously any accident is proportionately more severe and the the fatality percentage will be higher.

  birdface 07:42 30 Sep 2011

Years of driving on motorways with a 70mph limit is about the proper speed I think.

You do 70 Mph and maybe up to 80 Mph knowing you probably would not get stopped for speeding.

If they put the limit up to 80 then you would expect to get away with doing 90 Mph without getting stopped.

So saying that you can do 80 Mph means that you can do 90 mph is not in anybody's interest and I think the speed limit that we have just now is just about right.

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