Consultation on raising motoring offence fines launched

  TopCat® 14:49 14 Jun 2012

Some of the government's proposed increases outlined in this story are set to rise substantially for future offenders, subject to the result of the consultation. Would you agree that these potential rises are necessary or not? I am in agreement, by the way. TC.

  interzone55 15:23 14 Jun 2012

Motorists are an easy target.

The chancellor has recently realised that the trend for more fuel efficient cars means that tax take from road fund licences and fuel sales will drop, so they're rejigging the emissions bands...

  interzone55 17:13 14 Jun 2012

fourm member

If I come up to you in the street and punch you in the face, is that crime the same or worse than speeding?

The chances of being caught speeding, and getting fined are much greater than getting caught after a random bout of ABH on a street corner.

That's what I mean about easy target. The police devote a disproportionate amount of resources to motoring offences because they know it gets results and generates revenue...

  bremner 17:30 14 Jun 2012


What you has always been a fallacy. The police have never had more than a small percentage of their officers dedicated to traffic duty.

With the cuts my local force has to all intents and purposes removed all its dedicated traffic officers, at the same time the Safety Camera partnership has disappeared.

The increase in fines levels will have no impact on road safety. Those who can afford the current fines will afford the new ones. Those who fail to pay now will continue to fail to pay. Each will drive in exactly the same manner.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:36 14 Jun 2012

"Motorists are an easy target"

Only if you break the law. If you don't like having to pay bigger fines, drive legally. If you can't manage that and get caught, tough, it's your own fault.

  carver 20:44 14 Jun 2012

Please do not bring in that *old * argument about how many people died on the roads, speeding accounts for 6% of deaths the rest of the deaths are not related to excessive speed.

Also deaths have *not * gone down even though more speed cameras are employed than ever before they have been shown to cause accidents when placed in the wrong position, but motorists are an easy cash cow and that is all that this or any government are bothered about.

And actually you are more likely to get away with ABH than speeding if it is a random act, unless you have another person taking photos of the attack as it happens or you ask for the attackers name and address as he hits you.

Personally I would love to see an offence for driving too slow with the offenders car being crushed, might keep some of these old pathetic idiots of the roads, they can cause more accidents by frustrating other people with their driving.

  interzone55 22:18 14 Jun 2012


You're absolutely correct about people driving too slow.

There's loads of people crawling on the motorways at 50mph or less.

On Tuesday I was driving home on the M60, just before the turn-off for the M61. Lane one becomes the slip-road, in lane two is a people carrier doing around 45mph. Suddenly the MPV moves into lane three, forcing several cars to slam their anchors on.

That is driving without due care & attention without a doubt, and behaviour likely to cause a pile up.

  Wes.Clox 23:29 14 Jun 2012

With the cuts my local force has to all intents and purposes removed all its dedicated traffic officers, at the same time the Safety Camera partnership has disappeared.

It may have in your area but it certainly has not here. Traffic cops with there Evo 10's, speed guns and Safety Camera partnership vans are still in operation.

  woody 01:17 15 Jun 2012

Carver - Most of my journey into town has a speed limit of 20MPH. Because its the law and because I have all the time (till I am dead) I keep to the law - I also have a speed limiter fitted in the passenger seat!! I do get people who have not allowed sufficient time driving so close I can not see their number plate! Is that the sort of thing you mean?

  carver 07:46 15 Jun 2012

I know that this enter link description here is from the Daily Mail but it's only 1 of several reports out about slow idiotic drivers who believe they are the only people on the road.

Most accidents aren't caused by speeding they are caused by people turning right across the traffic flow.

woody * you shouldn't be looking at the number plate *behind you, you should be looking at the car in front or even the one 4 cars in front of you.

  carver 07:50 15 Jun 2012

sry do not know how that all came out in bold, just meant to be your handle.

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