constant linking to Facebook & Twitter

  bumpkin 13:42 11 Aug 2014

When reading at thread and wish to go to the next page I keep getting sent to Facebook or Twitter. Do others get the same thing and if so is there a way of blocking it.

  bumpkin 14:56 11 Aug 2014

Using Chrome, possibly that then but getting annoying.

  john bunyan 15:01 11 Aug 2014

Not on IE 11.

  spuds 15:04 11 Aug 2014

I am using Google Chrome with no diversion?.

  Menzie 16:31 11 Aug 2014

I am using Opera Mobile, no issues here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 11 Aug 2014

Yes been getting this for quite awhile mostly using links at bottom of page sends me to linked in or another page some where on the site (both chrome and FF) was bad Saturday gave up trying to change pages on some threads.

  Forum Editor 20:35 11 Aug 2014

"When reading at thread and wish to go to the next page I keep getting sent to Facebook or Twitter"

That has never once happened to me, and I use Chrome, IE and Firefox at different times of the day and evening.

  wee eddie 21:26 11 Aug 2014

Could it be that, when you Log In, you used your Facebook/Twitter ID?

  bumpkin 21:51 11 Aug 2014

wee eddie, no I logged in with my normal PCA password and email. Now confirmed by Fruitbat getting the same thing. I will try IE but there appears to be something amiss.

  bumpkin 22:02 11 Aug 2014

Seems fine using IE so can only assume browser related, but have no idea what is causing it.

  bumpkin 22:18 11 Aug 2014

Just tried it on this thread using chrome and was directed to a link to twitter. Tried it on the Scotland thread and then facebook instead of the "last page" that I had clicked on.

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