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Confused by the upcoming general election ?

  Belatucadrus 00:03 08 Nov 2019

Here is a short information film that explains things and should help you to make an enlightened selection before sticking your cross where the sun don't shine when you have to choose between Idiot one and Idiot two.

Click Here

  wee eddie 00:12 08 Nov 2019


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:20 08 Nov 2019

Too true.

  Quickbeam 13:25 08 Nov 2019

You've summed up perfectly why it's just not happening for me.

I couldn't care less. Yes, I'll vote, but not from any great conviction.

We'll get a hung Parliament again, and that will be what we deserve...

  Aitchbee 13:48 08 Nov 2019

In keeping with tradition I'll have a small wager on a Labour/SNP coalition [now 16/1] but more importantly give my vote to the Tories to get Brexit done.

  Dunk 18:09 08 Nov 2019

Aitchbee says "give my vote to the Tories to get Brexit done."

It's simply a political message, Brexit will not be 'DONE' for many years yet. Even if Johnson gets his way in the election, the trading and arguing over our leaving will still rage on - see you here next November!

  Quickbeam 19:16 08 Nov 2019

HB, you might become somewhat further confused by Boris getting Brexit done only to be faced with Queen Nicola then taking an independent Scotland back in!

Now there’s a terrible dilemma for a Scottish nationalist leaver.

Catch 22.2...

  john bunyan 20:00 08 Nov 2019

When Nicola bangs on about "The Scottish people want...." , at the last election she had, I believe, less than 1 million votes. What about the other 4.5 million (not all voters of course) ? Yes, over 60% wanted to remain but so did London which has a greater population than Scotland. I voted remain but reluctantly accept the will of the majority - we could go on forever having referendums as the losing side always wants another , as we see in Scotland.

  Dunk 20:27 08 Nov 2019

Absolutely correct, john, so why not let Sturgeon have her referendum and hope they go, thus saving England £8billion a year?

It is madness to say we won't allow them a vote, presumably because we just love handing over £8billion each year to the Scots - now that is madness.

On a general point is every referendum about anything always going to be for ever, from now on? Ridiculous proposal?

  john bunyan 22:30 08 Nov 2019


I wager that, if there is another referendum and Remain win, that Brexiteers would soon demand the best of 3”

Referendums, In my view , are a poor substitute for Parliamentary decisions where you vote for a Party whose manifesto that you agree with. Imagine a referendum on reintroducing the death penalty; if yes, there is no way Parliament would pass the legislation . Theoretically Parliament and it’s committees have more time and experts to look into matters than us lay folk, as we have seen in 2016 confusion reigns on the true meaning of Brexit

  Govan1x 23:54 08 Nov 2019

Looks like we will be back to chaos again as our Nicola has said on the news today that they will side with labour and Lib Dems to stop Boris from getting his way if he is re-elected.

So basically on that theory you have to back Boris to get his deal through, or go through all this crap again.

Talking about Nicola. She is looking for a new referendum to for Scotland to leave the UK.

Does she really want that I have my doubts.Why should she wants to annoy someone who can actually give them what they want.

Methinks she is trying to talk herself out of ever having that referendum.

At the moment Tory Party and labour party both about even money to win.No doubt the odds will change the nearer we get to the Election,I wonder who is going to get their nose in front.

Obviously at those odds if the Tory Party won it is doubtful if they would have an overall majority.

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