Conditional Fee Agreements shakeup

  TopCat® 22:54 14 Jan 2010

The Master of the Rolls, Lord Justice Jackson, ordered a review into "no win, no fee" civil cases back in 2008, and in his final report has proposed radical changes to the system. click here and click here

Not before time in my estimation, and I hope these controversial changes will ensure the public get a more fairer and proper deal in future. How say you? TC.

  OTT_B 23:14 14 Jan 2010

The legal system, despite its objective, is stacked against the layman - i.e. the vast majority of the population. It has become so complex with so many trying to find ways around it, that it requires a very talented person (or people) to prosecute and defend.

While these changes may be a step in the right direction, I don't think it will make that much difference.

  wiz-king 05:59 15 Jan 2010

God had 10, people eversince have been trying to find (make) loopholes etc.

  morddwyd 11:22 15 Jan 2010

It's a bit like MPs' expenses - even if any significant and lasting changes are made, which is unlikely, they will soon find more ways of making up the lost income.

  ventanas 11:35 15 Jan 2010

The upsurge in the Personal Injury section came about when the Legal Services Commission stopped it from attracting Legal Aid some years ago.
Various agencies (such The Accident Group) came into being and were eventually exposed on TV.
We initially had some dealings with them, but very soon dropped them and others like the provebial stone, and eventually eschewed all work of this type.
The constant stream of adverts on TV do nothing to help, and in my view, only serve to further blacken the name of the profession.
I agree, it's about time something was done about this. I cannot comment on the proposals yet, but welcome anything that curtails the ridiculous level thats costs were reaching. This will already be worrying a few firms whose names are probably well known, But will not affect us at all, other than we may evetnually do work of this type if it becomes respectable again.

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