Condensation inside Car

  wee eddie 13:57 18 Jan 2010

For some reason, every car that I have owned over the last 20 years or so, has suffered a build up of condensation, in the passenger compartment, during the winter.

It is parked on the street and only used during inclement weather. Most of the few journeys it does are for less than 5 miles.

Any way of solving this will be considered.

  Pine Man 13:58 18 Jan 2010

Turn on the air-conditioning.

  Quickbeam 14:04 18 Jan 2010

You're not running it for long enough to dry out the carpets and fabric of the seats. Aircon is OK if you have it, otherwise it needs a decent run to dry the moisture out.

  wiz-king 14:09 18 Jan 2010

Self inflicted injury! Lack of airflow to remove all the steam and hot air from the driver *grin*
All the rain and snow on your clothes and those lumps of granite you put in the back need longer runs to dry the car out, or put a fan heater on an extension lead in the car with the windows slightly open and dry it out every few weeks.

  wee eddie 14:11 18 Jan 2010

So we're still stuck.

It has a heater. That's about it.

On the decent runs thingy. I used to motor down to Bath, a run of about 400 miles, but I now take the train. Less hastle/stress and cheaper. I don't remember that the Condensation problem was noticeably alleviated, but it may have been.

  OTT_B 15:04 18 Jan 2010

There's no real way of avoiding condesation in cars, but it can be minimized by making sure that all door and windows seals are clean and in tact.

Incidentally, air con increases the amount of condensation build up, but evaporates it once switched on.

  BRYNIT 15:32 18 Jan 2010

Condensation is moister that is attracted to a cold windows. You could try putting a cover over the outside of the car window.

As OTTB a clean window will minimise condensation.

Or you could try Halfords Interior Mist Repellant 250ml click here

  Macscouse 16:10 18 Jan 2010

Make sure your heater controls are not set to recirculate the air in the car.

  Forum Editor 16:35 18 Jan 2010

That's why you have a condensation problem. It's sitting with the windows closed, and it's full of moist air which doesn't move much. As the temperature outside drops the moisture condenses on the windows.

  scotty 16:36 18 Jan 2010

You could try moving from the West coast of Scotland!

  Grey Goo 17:00 18 Jan 2010

When it's condensed on the glass you can remove a lot of it with a suitable cloth. Lot of it comes from wet shoes and leaving the door open for a long time when its raining.

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