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Concordia - Whats next?

  SparkyJack 10:37 21 Jan 2012

I came across this via BBC News/UTube

What do you all think

  SparkyJack 20:05 23 Jan 2012

This off track stuff about Frogman Seals, SBS etc is very interesting- but now back the Mystery's that keep coming up about Concordia

The On the Spot BBC reporter said the Italian authorities are concerned about the possibility of further 'Unregistered' people being on board.and missing. If there are 'unregistered' people on board - how would they know unless there is something irregular emerging?

All passengers are issued with a card with is the key to accommodation- credit card [no cash sales on board] and is used to log the comings and goings of people from the ship.

The crew have also similar arrangements so that every body can be accounted for. So who were these alleged unregistered people- the Captains concubines perhaps may be?

Another point of interest is the Captain it is alleged in the news media joined the company as a security officer- I don't see how such a qualification gets through the ranks of ships officer to Captain.

Hmm it gets deeper and deeper- and not only the ship

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