Concet tickets

  donki 13:55 22 Oct 2008

Is anyone else getting incresingly infuriated with people being allowed to purchase concert tickets for he sole purpose of seeling them on on Ebay?? In the past year I have missed out on Billy Connolly, Coldplay and most recently AC/DC. All of which were sell outs and dispite being online and on the phone on the mornings they went on sale I could not get a ticket. Surely concert organisers could simply add a name to the tickets and ask for ID to be presented. There are alot of people making 100% profit and true fans are losing out on seeing the preformances they want too.

Failing that could the promoters of the gigs ban the resale of their tickets so makign it illegal to sell on Ebay. I say this because Ebay arent bothered as its all profit for them and they have no intrest in the matter.

Anyone else been left feelign the way i do? What can realistically be done? Or is it just the luck of the draw?

  donki 13:59 22 Oct 2008

Opps should read concert, i need new batteries in the keyboard. Oh and no judging my taste of music or comedian :P.

  Seth Haniel 14:00 22 Oct 2008

I think they are taking a risk in using them :)

  birdface 15:26 22 Oct 2008

Oops memory gone again.But police raided one venue last night that dealt with tickets and it was closed down.Whether the folk that have already paid for tickets will get them or not is a bit iffy at the moment.It was on a TV program last night not sure if it was the news or not as I was not paying attention.So if you have bought any tickets make sure that they are legal.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:28 22 Oct 2008

People buy lots of things to sell at a proofit on Ebay (for that is what it is for) so why not tickets?


  birdface 15:29 22 Oct 2008

This may be the here

  Condom 15:45 22 Oct 2008

This sort of thing has been going on since tickets for anything were introduced and is no doubt just an updated version of it. years ago I queued in Glasgow for tickets to see Shirley bassey at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow. I was about 20th In the queue but they were all sold out long before they even reached me. There are always "others" in the queue before you.

Last year my wife won 2 tickets for Strictly Come Dancing in an Official BBC Phone in Competition and was delighted. She booked an air ticket for her sister from Dublin to join her and a double room in a recomended hotel close to the White City recording studios. 2 weeks before they were due to attend she was informed by a short e-mail that her tickets were not being issued to her because of overbooking and she got no compensation at all.

Seems that competitors' families and friends were more important that their own official competition winners. Complaints were not answered.

  donki 16:36 22 Oct 2008

I understand that is what Ebay is for but it just seems a little unjust that someone makes profit when true fans miss out. It just seems pointless and shows a lack of caring by promoters and venues. Fans spend millions of pounds on Cds, DVD's and merchandice etc only to end up paying 2 or 3 times as much to see them in concert.

To me it doesnt seem right when some simple checks could be put in place so that tickets can only be bought from genuine outlets. It would also stop fake tickets and the like.

  Pineman100 18:27 22 Oct 2008

I'm afraid it's the price you pay for what's called the "free enterprise system".

Almost the entire economy of the world is based on the premise that people sell things to each other at a profit. If someone spots an opportunity to sell an item for more than they paid for it - that's the free market at work.

Your milkman sells you milk for more than he paid for it. But if someone offers to buy his entire stock for more than you pay, he'll probably sell them the lot, and you'll go without.

Just because you're a fan, you can't opt out of the system. Sorry.

  Forum Editor 18:30 22 Oct 2008

with the specific intention of selling them on Ebay is ticket touting - it's no different from standing outside the venue buying and selling tickets, and that's something that a lot of people think should be illegal. In fact a parliamentary select committee has called for a full investigation into touting with a view to making it illegal, however it's done.

Not everyone realises that it's already illegal to resell tickets for football matches - in fact it was outlawed in order to prevent banned football thugs from buying tickets from a third party, but it has virtually eliminated touting from football.

  laurie53 20:12 22 Oct 2008

Lots of venues are now trying to introduce some form of identity check to stop this sort of thing.

I don't know how successful they are though.

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