Concerns over River Thames crossing

  wids001 07:16 04 Feb 2011

Apparently the leader of Kent County Council is arguing for a new crossing to ease congestion at the Dartford Crossing.

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Do we really need another crossing to ease congestion there. Surely if they do away with the tolls the traffic would flow through thus easing congestion. I think he should really be arguing for for the abolishment of these tolls!

  Forum Editor 09:11 04 Feb 2011

"Surely if they do away with the tolls the traffic would flow through thus easing congestion."

That would indeed be the case, but then the considerable financial burden of maintaining the crossing would fall on the taxpayers - many of who never use it. At least with a tolling system the cost is borne by those who actually use the crossing.

  peter99co 10:13 04 Feb 2011

Maybe the Toll Booths need a better way of collecting the toll.

The French seem to offer a quicker system on their Toll Roads than we use.

Not really sure how they operate at Dartford because I have only been over once and that was in a bus.

  ella33 10:20 04 Feb 2011

Regular users could pay by a season ticket, I mean of a kind they could sail straight through maybe on the window (or is that already the case?) so they have a fast flow lane and occasional users go through booths or quick pay barriers? That would make the booths quicker too.

I have been through the Dartford Crossing a few times recently and there has been no hold up. Luck? Admittedly not at peak times. We have always paid cash but I don't know if there is any fast flow scheme.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:50 04 Feb 2011

"..the considerable financial burden of maintaining the crossing would fall on the taxpayers - many of who never use it"

Does that mean I can stop paying my council tax for the services I never use?

Or should I inform HMRC that my liability for tax should be decreased because it is being spent on things I have no need of?

The crossing is part of the road network, so perhaps a levy should be made against all road users on the grounds that it is equally available to all. All we need is a name for this universal levy.....


  canarieslover 11:41 04 Feb 2011

I think we already have a name for it, "Vehicle Tax", which was really supposed to pay for the roads we drive on. Now it is just a large contribution to government coffers whichever party is in power. My personal view, as a local to the crossing, is that we do need another crossing point, but not at the same place as the congestion all around the area is aggravated by the proximity of Lakeside and Bluewater shopping centres. At times the knock-on effect of congestion at the crossing cripples all traffic flow for miles around.

  Forum Editor 11:52 04 Feb 2011

The fact that your taxes already fund services that you don't use isn't a justification for deliberately increasing that burden.

The Dartford crossing charges flow back to central government in any case, so the exchequer benefits. The crossing charge is part of the road user charging principle that was incorporated in the 2000 act. Road user charging is designed to help reduce traffic congestion at key points. Remove the crossing charge and the congestion at the tunnels and bridge may well get worse.

  Forum Editor 11:55 04 Feb 2011

If you're a regular user of the Dartford crossing you can have a prepaid DART tag in your windscreen. Readers at the charge points detect the tag as you approach, and automatically deduct the (discounted) crossing charge from your prepaid account, allowing you to pass through without stopping.

  spuds 12:14 04 Feb 2011

" All we need is a name for this universal levy".

Simples. 'Increased Fuel Tax' or 'Transport Surcharge', then the more than average road-user would pay their fair dues, for the mileage they cover.

There have been talks and experiments, well before and after the London Congestion charges, when most major cities and town will or might implements 'tolling' as a way to gain entry to areas that the public regard their own.

Agreed these extra charges would or might be passed on, but this would be in a hidden form which most people might not object to, or would they?.

  NewestRoyWidd1 13:30 04 Feb 2011

Here's the link to the Dart tag referred to by FE
click here

  wids001 13:37 04 Feb 2011

The problem with the DART tag is that it does NOT get you through any quicker. You still have to join the queue, which on a Friday afternoon/evening is usually around 9 miles back to junction 28!

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