Computers? Huh!

  €dstowe 15:01 01 Dec 2004

A courier has just brought, and taken back again, three packages because the batteries in his little "magic" sign-for computerised gizmo have failed. Apparently he is not permitted to leave the parcels without them being signed for and the only acceptable signature is on his gizmo.

What happened to pen and paper?

Why do I have to wait until tomorrow for my parcel. Good job it's not urgent.

  Noelg23 15:09 01 Dec 2004

this didnt happen to be Initial City Link? I had a similar problem 4yrs ago...they had a huge computer breakdown and when the systems came back up the records were all re-arranged. so when the man came out he said I have to give him a parcel before he could give me mine...but i had no parcel to give him as I was expecting the parcel from him!!...

  €dstowe 15:40 01 Dec 2004

It was Interlink (Express?)

  Starfox 15:58 01 Dec 2004

We can't live without it,sometimes we can't live with it either. :o)

  Dorsai 18:01 01 Dec 2004

Perhaps the "Gizmo+flat battery" problem is why a lot of couriers still arrive with a sheet of paper and a ball-point. If the pen stops working, another can be used, and if the sheet of paper goes missing, he/she does not know where to go to deliever the parcel anyway.

  stalion 22:06 01 Dec 2004

Bit like calculators, many people can't add or subtract etc with out one

  Chris the Ancient 09:01 02 Dec 2004

isn't the whizzy and expensive gizmo clever enough to say the batteries are going flat and need charging/replacing? My mouse does! And that probably cost a fraction of the cost of a gizmo.

Or perhaps the courier can't read a message saying that the batteries need charging/replacing.

Or perhaps a well known company designed the gizmo and didn't think to put in a battery condition meter.

  fourjays 11:22 02 Dec 2004

The gizmo thing doesn't work to well anyway. I have signed for things before, and it skips and skims and your signature ends up looking like a 3 year olds scribble.

  spuds 11:34 02 Dec 2004

Similar incident happened to me about a month ago. Courier came to collect some outgoing parcels, but he was unable to record collection on his 'gizmo', items not taken and a return visit the next day was needed. Thursday was the original collection day, but due to later next day collection and weekend, all items a day or two late at customers premises.

Bit like another problem that I had a short while ago. Made a visit to the local bank, but on arrival a note on the door 'Closed due to circumstances beyond our control, please go to--'. It would seem as though there was a power failure within the block. Shops nearby had standby generators the bank did not.

  €dstowe 13:22 02 Dec 2004

Parcels delivered just now.

Signed for on a piece of paper attached to a clip board.

  v1asco 07:43 03 Dec 2004

my signature does look like a 3 yr olds scribble. Come to think of it so does my sons, his headmasters and as for my Doctors.....

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