Computers and hair loss?

  Mysticnas 00:25 23 Dec 2004

Hi all,

Firstly, Happy Christmas to those that celebrate it and best wishes for the new year to you all!

Just wondering about this hair loss thing. My eldest brother and i use our computers more than anyone in our family. We both work in IT/development.

We're also the only ones in the family loosing our hair! I'm almost 25 and i've almost lost it all around the front!

Is there a link between the two?

Is there anyone here who uses computers a lot and noticed any hair loss?

I have a dual monitor setup, and i've lost more than my brother has, he's 35 and i'm almost 25.

No-one else in our family has hair loss (inc indirect family).

  smokingbeagle 01:06 23 Dec 2004

I've noticed hair loss too. Is it because I spend too much time in front of the monitor? I've also noticed hair growth on my toes. Is it to do with my feet being too close to the base unit?


  Dan the Confused 01:12 23 Dec 2004

May be a problem with your thyroid glands.

  Mysticnas 01:15 23 Dec 2004

sweat quite easily....

But i don't know if that's just me not liking to sweat when i don't intend to sweat. I'm fussy like that. Unless i'm doing something physical like sports etc i don't like sweating! i hate it, even the odd bead of sweat renders me into a raving frenzy about how i hate it.

Strange... My doc said it's just due to stress and possibility of monitor radiation, but it's not proven.

  Starfox 05:08 23 Dec 2004

Is due to tearing it out with my bare hands,caused by frustration with this damn computer thingy I have been trying to understand for the last 21 years. :o)

  Dorsai 05:50 23 Dec 2004

All my hair present and correct.

An Ex GF's brother was as bald as a coot by the time he was 23, and his dad had a full head of hair, at 50.

Perhaps you need to get a second opinion from a different GP. click here
an overactive thyroid gland can cause hair loss and excessive sweating.

  Forum Editor 07:13 23 Dec 2004

so don't worry. Some of the hairiest people I know spend hours sitting in front of monitors on a daily basis.

  spikeychris 08:59 23 Dec 2004

Tell me a time when you ever expect this statement.

"Some of the hairiest people I know spend hours sitting in front of monitors on a daily basis."


  Mysticnas 10:55 23 Dec 2004


  Belatucadrus 11:52 23 Dec 2004

click here also protects from Bill Gates evil baldness rays :)

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:27 24 Dec 2004

Hair loss is due to women nothing else and thats final

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