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  Joeyace 17:33 13 Nov 2004

I have an amd athlon 64 bit,socket 754,3000 processor.I am wondering if the cooling fan it brings as standard is "ok",or would it be a much better option to change it for one of these fancy ones we see advertised all over? If so could somebody advice on a better replacement. Do "ram" heatspreaders actually work? I am an avid reader of PC advisor,and most if not all of these power pc's I see in their tests carry the much acclaimed 1Gbyte ddr memory.Is anything over this number for somebody who is not an avid gamer an excess? or is more the merrier? Apart from obvious space availability,how many fans would be sensibly required to adequately cool a normal 4 bay ATX tower? please advice on equipment needed. Do these cooling fans (double fan flat type)that screw onto the underside of the hard drives

  Sir Radfordin 17:38 13 Nov 2004

The only real benefit to be had from any modification is in getting the noise your computer makes down to an acceptable level.

Unless you have a very high spec PC or have overclocked components then you are highly unlikely to have a problem with it overheating using standard components.

Most mods are either made for marginal increases in speed - only really seen in tests and not noticed in day-to-day use or to make the box look better. I tend to view people who mod PCs in the same way I view those who mod cars and then clog the roads on a Saturday night.

A fan/heatsink on the processor, the graphics card and then one case fan is going to be more than enough for most standard PCs.

  Forum Editor 19:07 13 Nov 2004

A PC with 'normal' components that isn't overclocked should need no modification to combat overheating, because there won't be any.

Changing fans to make your computer run more quietly cetainly makes sense; with care it's possible to achieve a whisper-quiet machine.

  Wilham 20:43 13 Nov 2004

There is not always the assciation between the no. of fans and the noise level, doesn't necessarily follow.

Last year I bought a Thermaltake Xaser III PC tower which itself is fitted with 7 fans. The 550W power pack has 2 more and there is one in each of graphics card and the P4 cooler.

I don't like the case but my son thinks it great, especially for all the room inside when he put in extra PCI cards for me.

My son-in-law also approves the tower and commented on its whisper quietness.

The key to this lack of noise I attribute to... (i) The tower's fans are brushless. (ii) Four controls on the front set the speeds of these 7 fans which run continuousely at low speed. (iii) The case is heavy, one side double skinned, and with all the front sections being die cast.
(iv) The tower is on the carpet under my table, which also helps.

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